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DEAR DAUGHTER COOKBOOK: favorite recipes of the last 100 years!

 by Ella Mae Tucker

Time-tested favorite recipes of five generations from and added to by mother and daughter for 100 years. 113 pages.

ISBN: 1-932427-00-7. Order #: ASCR0439 paper$5.50

DEAR DAUGHTER COOKBOOK contains over 300 favorite American recipes handed down for more than five generations. Originally published in 1964, Dear Daughter was Ella Mae's -- and Asher Creek's -- first cookbook. It is now in its 20th printing and continues to be a favorite.

Over 300 recipes in 20 sections: Appetizers; Breads & Breakfast Rolls; Cakes; Icings; Cake Fillings and Sauces; Candies; Cookies; Deep Well; Desserts; Egg and Cheese Dishes; Fish; Fish and Meat Sauces; Frozen Deserts; Meats; Pies; Poultry; Salads; Salad Dressings; Soups; Vegetables.

DEAR DAUGHTER COOKBOOK is a complete cookbook with kitchen tips, temperature and measurement charts, and suggestions for achieving the best results. Along with hundreds of popular and traditional dishes, it also contains many unusual recipes difficult to find anywhere but Asher Creek Publishing, such as Sour Cream Cake, Tomato Soup Cake, Dried Yeast Bread, Peach Leather, Grandma's Salt-raising Bread and Mrs. Tucker's Popcorn Cake.

DEAR DAUGHTER COOKBOOK is the book that started it all for Asher Creek Publishing and is a must-have for all cookbook lovers.

Samples from Dear Daughter Cookbook (coming).

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