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Cooks On VacationCooks on Vacation: patio & vacation cooking

 by Ella Mae Tucker. Over 200 choice recipes for camper or patio cooking, a picnic, the traveling chef, camper, fishermen, hunter, or the cook at home who is always short of time and looking for very-special, yet easy, recipes. Lots of one-dish dinners, meat dishes, special salads and deserts and quick-to-prepare dishes. Includes recipes for cooking game and fish and for barbecues. Over 200 recipes for the traveling chef and the cook at home who is always short of time. 68 pages.

ISBN: 1-932427-03-1. Order #: ASCR5632 paper$4.95

First published in 1970, Cooks on Vacation has remained one of Asher Creek Publishing's most popular cookbooks.

Just a sampling of the 200+ recipes found in Cooks On Vacation:

Breads: Potato Pancakes, Spoon Bread, Hush Puppies, Timesaving Biscuit Mix, Perfect Muffins, Corn Bread, Griddle Cakes and Waffles

Wild Game: Duck, Goose, Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Rabbit, Squirrel, Venison

Meats: Roasts, Fish, Chili, Dozens of Creative and Family-pleasing recipes for Steak, Hamburger, Pork and Good Ole Franks

Dozens of Meat and Vegetable Sauces, Salads, Sandwiches and Vegetable Recipes

Cakes, Pies and Desserts: Fruit Molds, Wacky Cake, No-Cook Cheesecake, Quick Short Cake, Chess Pie, Fruit Pies, Refrigerator Ice Cream

Also tips on outdoor cooking instructions for building a mud oven.

68 Pages.

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