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A Walk in the Woods
Author: Bill Bryson   Narrator: William Roberts
ISBN: 978-0-7540-5453-5.
Package: 8 CS Audiobook 9 Hr 51 Min
Order #: AUAM cs$79.95

A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906
Author: Simon Winchester   Narrator: Simon Winchester
ISBN: 978-0-7927-3765-0.
Package: 10 CD Audiobook 12 Hr 36 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$94.95

A Perfect Union: Dolley Madison and the Creation of the American Nation
Author: Catherine Allgor   Narrator: Anne Twomey
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4021-6.
Package: 13 CD Audiobook 15 Hr 57 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$112.95

BBC History of World War II
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast   Series: BBC History Of World War II
ISBN: 978-1-4198-0902-6.
Package: 1 DVD
Order #: AUAM dvd$169.98

BBC History of WWII: Battle of the Atlantic
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast   Series: BBC History Of World War II
ISBN: 978-1-4198-0907-1.
Package: DVD 
Order #: AUAM dvd$22.98


BBC History of WWII: D-Day to Berlin
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast   Series: BBC History Of World War II
ISBN: 978-1-4198-0906-4.
Package: 1 DVD 
Order #: AUAM dvd$22.98

BBC History of WWII: Horror in the East
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast   Series: BBC History Of World War II
ISBN: 978-1-4198-0905-7.
Package: 1 DVD 
Order #: AUAM dvd$22.98


BBC History of WWII: War of the Century
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast   Series: BBC History Of World War II
ISBN: 978-1-4198-0904-0.
Package: 1 DVD 
Order #: AUAM dvd$22.98


Before the Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast.
ISBN: 978-1-4198-1905-6.
Package: 1 DVD 
Order #: AUAM dvd$22.98


The American Presidents Collection
Authors: Joyce Appleby, Louis Auchincloss, H.W. Brands, John Patrick Diggins, Henry F. Graff, Kevin Phillips, Robert V. Remini, Hans Trefousse, Tom Wicker, Garry Wills   Narrators: Ira Claffey, Richard Rohan
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4495-5.
Package: 45 CD Audiobook 58 Hr 00 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$495.00

The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated Platoon
Author: Alex Kershaw   Narrator: Grover Gardner
ISBN: 978-0-7927-3432-1.
Package: 8 CD Audiobook 9 Hr 45 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$79.95


The Reluctant Mr. Darwin: An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution
Author: David Quammen   Narrator: Grover Gardner
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4072-8.
Package: 6 CD Audiobook 9 Hr 25 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$64.95


The Story of Gospel Music
Author: BBC Video   Actor: Full-Cast
ISBN: 978-0-7907-1740-1.
Package: 1 DVD 
Order #: AUAM cd$22.98

These Honored Dead
Author: Thomas A. Desjardin   Narrator: Lewis Grenville
ISBN: 978-0-7927-3209-9.
Package: 7 CD Audiobook 8 Hr 30 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$74.95


The American Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt
Author: Louis Auchincloss
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4504-4.
Package: 3 CD Audiobook 3 Hr 35 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$

The American Presidents: Thomas Jefferson

Author: Joyce Appleby
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4501-3.
Package: 5 CD Audiobook 5 Hr 54 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$

Bloody Season
Author: Loren D. Estleman   Narrator: Norman Dietz
ISBN: 978-0-7927-4795-6.
Package: 7 CD Audiobook 8 Hr 53 Min
Order #: AUAM cd$74.95
On October 26, 1881, nine men met in a street in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Within fifteen blistering seconds, three spilled their lives out into the alkali dust. The remaining six, including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, lived to face trial, and to kill again. Here is a rich and powerful American saga of the gunfighters who captured the imagination of a nation and a complete panorama of a legendary hatred that began long before the infamous fight, and continued in hot blood and bullets, straight into the twentieth century.

Hot Springs
Author: Stephen Hunter   Narrator: William Dufris
ISBN: 978-0-7927-9917-7.
Package: 16 CD Audiobook 
Availability: In stock.
Order #: AUAM cd$119.95
1946. Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a city of ancient, legendary corruption run by an English-born gangster named Owney Maddox, who represents the New York syndicate and runs his empire like a Saxon lord. Hot Springs, packed with action, sex, sin, and crime, is at once a relentlessly violent and deeply touching story.

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