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7003 Days. Order #: CAXT5140 $17.00

Aboard Cabrillo's Galleon. ISBN: 978-0-87004-525-7. Order #: CAXT3263 paper$16.95
Ahead of the Flaming Front: a life on fire.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-527-1. Order #: CAXT2308 $17.95
Ayn Rand. 1953. ISBN: 978-0-87004-124-2. Order #: CAXT2310 $12.95
Art of Contrary Thinking. Humphrey Bancroft Neill. 1954. ISBN: 978-0-87004-244-7. Order #: CAXT2311 $10.95
As Rugged as the Terrain: CCC boys, federal convicts, and World War II alien internees wrestle with a mountain wilderness. ISBN: 978-0-87004-540-0. Order #: CAXT2312 paper$21.95
At Home Afloat: women on the waters of the Northwest. ISBN: 978-0-87004-253-3. Order #: CAXT2314 $24.95
Automobile Gold Rush and Depression Era Mining (The).
ISBN: 978-0-87004-133-4. Order #: CAXT2315 $14.95

Backcountry Roads - Idaho. Lynna Howard. 2008. ISBN: 978-0-87004-459-5. Order #: CAXT paper$29.95
Bad Men and Bad Towns
. Wayne C. Lee. 1993. ISBN: 978-0-87004-398-7. ISBN: 978-0-87004-349-9 Order #: CAXT2319 paper$14.95
Bannock of Idaho. Brigham D. Madsen. 1958. ISBN: 978-0-87004-189-5. Order #: CAXT2322 $15.95
Barns of the West: a vanishing legacy. ISBN: 978-0-9631258-9-7. Order #: CAXT $29.95
Basin of Gold: life in Boise Basin, 1862-1890.
Order #: DCAXT3270 paper$10.95
Basque Cooking and Lore
. Darcy Williamson. 1992. ISBN: 978-0-87004-346-8. Order #: CAXT2350 paper$14.95
Battlefields of Nebraska. Thomas D. Phillips. 2009. ISBN: 978-0-87004-471-7. Order #: CAXT2351 paper$18.95
Big Red, a Wild Stallion. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1971. Order #: CAXT2353 $     OUT OF PRINT
Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon: a weekly chronicle of the great migration of 1843. ISBN: 978-0-87004-511-0. Order #: CAXT2355 paper$12.95
Blood at Sand Creek: the Massacre Revisited.
Bob Scott. 1994.  Order #: CAXT2356 paper$15.95
Boise Baseball: the first 125 years. ISBN: 978-0-9631258-6-6. Order #: CAXT3269 paper$14.95
Boise Massacre on the Oregon Trail (The).
ISBN: 978-0-9635828-1-X. Order #: CAXT2357 paper$16.95
Boiseans (The).
ISBN: 978-0-9635828-8-0. Order #: CAXT3271 paper$10.95
Bonanza West: the story of the Western mining rushes.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-116-1. Order #: CAXT2358 $16.95
Boots and Saddles: military leaders of the American West.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-591-2. Order #: CAXT2359 paper$18.95
Brains for Breakfast: growing up German in America.
ISBN: 978-0-9635828-7-3. Order #: CAXT2357 paper$16.95
Broken Fang
. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1939. Order #: CAXT2360 $ OUT OF PRINT
Building with Logs: western log construction in context. ISBN: 978-0-89301-208-3. Order #: CAXT2361 cloth$19.95

Cabin On Sawmill Creek (The): A Western Walden. Mary Jo Churchwell, 1997. ISBN: 978-0-87004-380-2. Order #: CAXT2367 $12.95
California Trail Yesterday and Today (The). Order #: CAXT5154 $17.00
Camera Eye on Idaho
. Arthur A. Hart. 1990. ISBN: 978-0-87004-343-7. Order #: CAXT2368 $24.95
Carcajou. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1936. ISBN: 978-0-87004-. Order #: CAXT2369 $OUT OF PRINT
Cecil Andrus: Idaho's Greatest Governor. Chris Carlson. 2011. ISBN: 978-0-87004-505-9. Order #: CAXT2370 paper$17.95
Central City and Gilpin County: then and now. Robert L Brown. 1994. ISBN: 978-0-87004-363-5. Order #: CAXT2372 paper$8.95
Challenge the Wind. Christine Echeverria Bender. 2001. ISBN: 978-0-87004-422-9. Order #: CAXT2373 paper$16.95
Chief Pocatello.  ISBN: 978-0-87004-222-9. Order #: CAXT2374 $15.95
Chef in the Wild: reflections and recipes from a true wilderness chef.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-592-9. Order #: CAXT2375 paper$21.95
Chinatown: Boise, Idaho, 1870-1970.
ISBN: 978-0-9705453-0-5. Order #: CAXT3308 paper$24.95
Colorado Ghost Towns—Past and Present
. Robert L. Brown. 1972. ISBN: 978-0-87004-218-8. Order #: CAXT paper$14.95
Colorado on Foot. Robert L. Brown. 1991. ISBN: 978-0-87004336-9. Order #: CAXT2380 $12.95
Colorado Treasure Tales. W. C. Jameson. 2001. ISBN: 978-0-87004-102-1. Order #: CAXT2382 paper$13.95
Columbia River (The): an historical travel guide. ISBN: 978-0-87004-538-7. Order #: CAXT2383 $16.95
Competitive Struggle: America's Western fur trading posts.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-5510-3. Order #: CAXT2408 paper$18.95
Complete Sourdough Cookbook for Camp, Trail, and Kitchen.
Don Holm. 1972. Order #: CAXT2409 $OUT OF PRINT
Cool North Wind: Morley Nelson's life with birds of prey. Stephen Stuebner, 2002. ISBN: 978-0-87004-426-7. Order #: CAXT2421 cloth$24.95
Cowboy Memories of Montana.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-207-6.
Order #: CAXT2432 cloth$24.95

Darkroom Soldier: photographs and letters from the South Pacific Theater, World War II. ISBN: 978-1-60461-197-1. Order #: CAXT2432 paper$37.50
Deadliest Indian War in the West, The: The Snake Conflict 1864-1868.
Gregory Michno. 2007. ISBN: 978-0-87004-460-1.
Order #: CAXT2438 paper$18.95
Deadliest Woman in the West, The: Mother Nature on the prairies and plains 1800-1900. Rod Beemer. 2006. ISBN: 978-0-87004-455-7.  Order #: CAXT2462 $paper18.95
Deadly Days In Kansas. Wayne C. Lee. 1997. ISBN: 978-0-87004-379-6. Order #: CAXT2493 paper$14.95
Debaters and Dynamiters. David H. Grover. Centennial Edition 2006. ISBN: 978-0-87004-394-9. Order #: CAXT2498 paper$16.95
Desert Lake. Sessions S. Wheeler. 1967. ISBN: 978-0-87004-139-6. Order #: CAXT2506 $paper10.95
Diamondfield Jack: a story in frontier justice. ISBN: 978-0-87004-466-3. Order #: CAXT2523 paper$15.95
Dirty, Wicked Town: tales of 19th century Omaha (A).
David L. Bristow. 2000. ISBN: 978-0-87004-398-7. Order #: CAXT2538 paper$16.95
Disasters and Dynamiters: the story of the Haywood Trail. ISBN: 978-0-87004-394-9. Order #: CAXT2542 $16.95
Don Holm’s Book of Food Drying, Pickling, and Smoke Curing
. Don Holm. 1978.ISBN: 978-0-87004250-8. Order #: CAXT2564 $17.95
Do Them No Harm! Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce, Zoa L. Swayne. 2003. ISBN: 978-0-87004-427-4. Order #: CAXT2578 $16.95
Dreamers: On the Trail of the Nez Perce. Martin Stadius. 1999. ISBN: 978-0-87004-393/2. Order #: CAXT2583 cloth$24.95

Early Oregon Days. Edwin D Culp. 1987. ISBN: 978-0-87004-314-7. Order #: CAXT3537 paper$22.95
Elder Tales: spirited women over sixty tell their stories. ISBN: 978-0-9631258-5-9. Order #: CAXT2587 paper$12.95
Elegant Soul: The Life and Music of Gene Harris.
Janie Harris with Bob Evancho. 2005. ISBN: 978-0-87004-445-8. Order #: CAXT2599 paper$24.95
Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History, Vol. III: Oregon and Washington. Donald B. Robertson. 1995. ISBN: 978-0-87004-366-6. Order #: CAXT2602 $34.95
Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History, Vol. IV: California. Donald B. Robertson. 1998. ISBN: 978-0-87004-385-7.
Order #: CAXT2603 $42.95
Enemy Never Came (The): the Civil War in the Northwest. ISBN: 978-0-87004-512-7. Order #: CAXT2604 $18.95
Ex America, the 50th Anniversary of the people's pottage. Garet Garrett, Edited by Bruce Ramsey, 2004. ISBN: 978-0-87004-442-7. Order #: CAXT2623 cloth$16.95

Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885. Gregory and Susan Michno. 2008. ISBN: 978-0-87004-473-1. Order #: CAXT2636 paper$19.95
Fire, Faults, & Floods: a road and trail guide exploring the origins of the Columbia River basin. ISBN: 978-0-89301-206-9.
Order #: CAXT2637 paper$19.95
For Wood River or Bust: Idaho's silver boom of the 1880s.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-215-1.
Order #: CAXT2639 cloth$29.95
Forlorn Hope: The Nez Perce Victory at White Bird
, John D. McDermott, 2003 .ISBN: 978-0-87004-435-9.
Order #: CAXT2640 paper$15.95
Four Days from Fort Wingate: the Lost Adams Diggings Richard French. 1994. ISBN: 978-0-87004-362-8. Order #: CAXT2641 paper$9.95
From the Ganges to the Snake River: An East Indian in the American West. Debu Majumdar. 2000. ISBN: 978-0-87004-397-0. Order #: CAXT2643 $14.95
From the Grave: A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries. Linda Wommack, 1998. ISBN: 978-0-87004-386-4. Order #: CAXT2644 paper$24.95

Gem Minerals of Idaho. John Beckwith, 1972. ISBN: 978-0-87004-228-7. Order #: CAXT2647 paper$11.95
Ghost Towns of the Northwest. Norman D. Weis, 1971. ISBN: 978-0-87004-358-1. Order #: CAXT2648 paper$17.95
Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies. Robert L. Brown. 1968. ISBN: 978-0-87004-342-0. Order #: CAXT2650 paper$17.95
Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West
. Vardis Fisher and Opal Laurel Holmes. 1968. ISBN: 978-0-87004-043-6.
Order #: CAXT2651 cloth$29.95
Governing Idaho: Politics, People and Power, James B. Weatherby and Randy Stapilus, 2005. ISBN: 978-0-87004-447-2. Order #: CAXT2652 paper$16.95
Great Meals Dutch Oven Style. Dale Smith. 2004. ISBN: 978-0-87004-440-3. Order #: CAXT2655 paper$17.95
Great Pikes Peak Gold Rush
. Robert L. Brown.1985. ISBN: 978-0-87004-412-0.
Order #: CAXT2657 $12.95

Hatchet, Hands, and Hoe: planting the pioneer spirit. Erica Calkins. 1996. ISBN: 978-0-87004-372-7. Order #: CAXT2658 $15.95
Hear Me, My Chiefs! Lucullus Virgil McWhorter. 1952. Order #: CAXT2662 $OUT OF PRINT
Heart of the Wild. Chet Schwarzkopf. 1969. Order #: CAXT2670 $OUT OF PRINT
Hemmingway and the Natural World. ISBN: 978-0-87004-214-4. Order #: CAXT2671 cloth$39.95
Hike Lewis and Clark's Idaho.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-257-1.
Order #: CAXT3341 paper$14.95
Historic Boise: an introduction to the architecture of Boise, Idaho--1863-1938.
ISBN: 978-0-89631258-2-8.
Order #: CAXT3331 paper$39.95
Historic Motorcycles, 1885-1985.
ISBN: 978-0-578-13150-4
. Order #: CAXT33616 cloth$40.00
Hobbled Stirrups
, Jane Burnett Smith, 2006. ISBN: 978-0-87004-454-0.
Order #: CAXT2673 paper$17.95
Holy Rollers: murder and madness in Oregon's Love Cult. T. McCracken and Robert Blodgett. 2002. ISBN: 978-0-87004-474-3. Order #: CAXT2675 $16.95

Idaho's Historic Trails, Martin Potucek, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-87004-432-8. Order #: CAXT2676 paper$13.95
Idaho Wine Country. Alan Minskoff. 2010. ISBN: 978-0-87004-479-3. Order #: CAXT2682 paper$27.95
Idanha (The): guests and ghosts of an historic Idaho inn. Dick d’Easum. 1984. ISBN: 978-0-87004-414-4. Order #: CAXT3544 $14.95
Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese internee road workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-550-3. Order #: CAXT3358 paper$19.95
In Search of Western Oregon
. Ralph Friedman. 1990. ISBN: 978-0-87004-332-1. Order #: CAXT2685 paper$14.95
Indians of Idaho. ISBN: 978-0-89301-053-9. Order #: CAXT3357 paper$11.95
Interpreting Local Culture and History.
ISBN: 978-0-931406-06-5. Order #: CAXT2686 paper$17.95

J. R. Simplot: A Billion the Hard Way. Louie Attebery. 2000. Order #: ISBN: 978-0-87004-399-4. (10)CAXT2688 cloth$24.95
Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns. Robert L. Brown. 1963. ISBN: 978-0-87004-021-4. Order #: CAXT2692 paper$12.95
John Muir Trail. Don and Roberta Lowe. 1982. ISBN: 978-0-87004-413-7. Order #: CAXT2698 $11.95

Kamiakin Country. Order #: CAXT5106 $14.00

Lands Never Trodden: the Franciscans and the California missions. ISBN: 978-0-87004-563-9. Order #: CAXT2699 $18.95
Lemhi (The), Sacajawea’s People
. Brigham D. Madsen. 1980. ISBN: 9ISBN: 978-0-87004-78-0-87004-267-6. Order #: CAXT2700 paper$11.95
Lewis and Clark Trail, Yesterday and Today, William Hill, 2004. ISBN: 978-0-87004-439-7. Order #: CAXT2701 paper$16.95
Lewis and Clark's Bittersweet Crossing, Carol Lynn MacGregor, 2004.ISBN: 978-0-87004-437-3. Order #: CAXT2702 cloth$16.95
Lewis and Clark's Montana Wilds. ISBN: 978-0-89301-258-8. Order #: CAXT2703 paper$19.95
Life in Old Boise.
ISBN: 978-0-9631258-3-5. Order #: CAXT3548 cloth$27.50
Living Wilderness
. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1969. Order #: CAXT2704 $OUT OF PRINT
Logging the Redwoods. Lynwood Carranco and John T. Labbe. 1975. ISBN: 978-0-87004-373-4. Order #: CAXT2706 paper$29.95
Lucretia Ann in the Golden West. Ruth Gipson Plowhead. 1935. ISBN: 978-0-87004-Order #: CAXT2707 $ OUT OF PRINT
Lucretia Ann on the Oregon Trail. Ruth Gipson Plowhead. 1931. ISBN: 978-0-87004-360-4.
Order #: CAXT2716 paper$13.95
Lucretia Ann on the Sagebrush Plains. Ruth Gipson Plowhead. 1936.
Order #: CAXT2725 $ OUT OF PRINT

Manhunt: The Pursuit of Harry Tracy. Bill Gulick. 1999. ISBN: 978-0-87004-392-5. Order #: CAXT2726 paper$18.95
Massacre Along the Medicine Road: A social history of the Indian war of 1864 in Nebraska Territory. Ronald Becher, 1999. ISBN: 978-0-87004-387-1. Order #: CAXT2727 paper$22.95
Massacre at Bear River: first, worst, forgotten. ISBN: 978-0-87004-462-5. Order #: CAXT2728 paper$18.95
Massacre Rocks and City of Rocks.
ISBN: 978-0-09635828-3-6. Order #: CAXT2729 paper$16.95   OUT OF PRINT
Matt Braun’s Western Cooking
. Matt Braun. 1996. ISBN: 978-0-87004-374-1. Order #: CAXT2734 $17.95
McClure of Idaho. William Smallwood. 2007. ISBN: 978-0-87004-458-8. Order #: CAXT2735 cloth$27.95
Medicine Bows: Wyoming's Mormon country. Scott Thybony, Elizabeth M. and Robert G. Rosenberg. 1985. ISBN: 978-0-87004-415-1. Order #: CAXT2736 $13.95
Milwaukee Railroad Revisited (The). ISBN: 978-0-89301-198-7. Order #: CAXT2737 cloth$29.95
Minidoka: an American concentration camp.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-573-8.
Order #: CAXT3376 cloth$27.95
Mining Engineers and the American West: the lace boot brigade, 18489-1933.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-167-3.
Order #: CAXT2741 paper$29.95
Minnesota Diary, 1942-46.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-219-9.
Order #: CAXT3397 cloth$39.95
The Moon-Eyed Appaloosa
. Bill Gulick. 2001.ISBN: 978-0-87004-421-2.
 Order #: CAXT2743 $12.95  OUT OF PRINT
Mountain Man. Verne Bright. 1948. ISBN: 978-0-87004-251-9. Order #: CAXT2749 paper$9.95
Murder, Morality and Madness: women criminals in early Oregon. Diane L. Goeres-Gardner. 2009. ISBN: 978-0-87004-470-0. Order #: CAXT2750 paper$16.95
Murder in the High City. Order #: CAXT5144 $17.00
Mushrooms of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-062-1. Order #: CAXT3393 paper$13.95
Mystery of Wild Horse Trap
. Marian T. Place, 1971. Order #: CAXT2755 $ OUT OF PRINT

Nature of Man and His Government. Robert LeFevre. 1959. Order #: CAXT3554  paper$8.95
Native Plants Materials Directory.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-508-4. Order #: CAXT2758 $20.00
Necktie Parties.
Diane Goeres-Gardner. 2005. ISBN: 978-0-87004-446-5. Order #: CAXT2759  paper$16.95
Nevada Desert, The. Sessions S. Wheeler. 1971. ISBN: 978-0-87004205-8. Order #: CAXT2760 $10.95
Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Sessions S. Wheeler. 1977. ISBN: 978-0-87004-258-4. Order #: (10)CAX2764 $ paper9.95
New Mexico Treasure Tales. W. C. Jameson, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-87004-429-8. Order #: CAXT2766  paper$13.95
Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1887-1990.  ISBN: 978-0-89301-188-8. Order #: CAXT2771  cloth$49.95
Northern Shoshoni.
Brigham D Madsen. 1980.ISBN: 978-0-87004-266-9. Order #: CAXT2772  paper$18.95

Offering Smoke: the sacred pipe and Native-American religion. ISBN: 978-0-89301-126-0. Order #: CAXT3404  paper$22.95
Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook.
Holm, Donald R. 1969. ISBN: 978-0-87004-133-4. Order #: CAXT2764 paper $14.95
Old West, New West. ISBN: 978-0-89301-163-5. Order #: CAXT2795  paper$29.95
On Sidesaddles to Heaven: The women of the Rocky Mountain Mission
. Laurie Winn Carlson, 1998. ISBN: 978-0-87004-384-0. Order #: CAXT2797  paper$19.95
On the Dark Side of the Moon.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-440-3. Order #: CAXT3401  paper$14.95
Oregon Desert. Edwin Russell Jackman. 1964. ISBN: 978-0-87004-434-2. Order #: CAXT2799  paper$17.95
Oregon Trail, Yesterday and Today. William E. Hill. 1986.ISBN: 978-0-87004-319-2. Order #: CAXT2802  paper$12.95
Oregon’s Golden Years. Miles Potter. 1976. ISBN: 978-0-87004-254-6. Order #: CAXT2804 $14.95
Oregon for the Curious. ISBN: 978-0-87004-222-5. Order #: CAXT1837 $9.95
Other Side of Oregon
. Ralph Friedman. 1993.ISBN: 978-0-87004-352-9. Order #: CAXT2821 $12.95
Our Ladies of the Tenderloin: Colorado's Legends in Lace. Linda Wommack, 2005. ISBN: 978-0-87004-444-1. Order #: CAXT2823 $paper16.95
Our Native American Legacy: Pacific Northwest Towns with Indian Names. Sandy Nestor. 2001. ISBN: 978-0-87004-401-4. Order #: CAXT2824 paper$17.95
Outlaws of the Pacific Northwest.
Bill Gulick. 2000. ISBN: 978-0-87004-396-3. Order #: CAXT2831 paper$18.95
Owyhee Canyonlands. Mark Lisk. 2008.ISBN: 978-0-87004-464-9. Order #: CAXT2839 cloth$27.95
Owyhee Trails: the West's forgotten corner. Mike Hanley and Ellis Lucia. 1973. ISBN: 978-0-87004-281-2.  Order #: CAXT2845 paper$14.95

Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe. Dell J. McCormick. 1936. ISBN: 978-0-87004-468-7. Order #: (10)CAX2894 paper$11.95
Parallel Expeditions: Charles Darwin and the art of John Steinbeck.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-177-2. Order #: CAXT2828 cloth$24.95
Pekan the Shadow
. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1970.Order #: CAXT2901 $ OUT OF PRINT
Pikes Peak Backcountry. Celinda Reynolds Kaelin. 1999.ISBN: 978-0-87004-391-8. Order #: CAXT2910 paper$15.95
Pioneers of the Colorado Parks: North, Middle, and South Parks from 1850 to 1900. Richard Barth. 1997.ISBN: 978-0-87004-381-9. Order #: CAXT2912 $17.95
Pioneer Trails West. Don Worcester. ed. 1985.ISBN: 978-0-87004-304-8.
Order #: CAXT2915 $ cloth24.95
Plain Enemies: Best True Stories of the Frontier West. Bob Scott. 1995. ISBN: 978-0-87004-364-2. Order #: CAXT2916 $paper14.95
Pony Express Trail, yesterday & today, The. William E. Hill. 2010. ISBN: 978-0-87004-476-2. Order #: CAXT2931 paper$18.95

Red was the Blood of Our Forefathers: episodes from Crow Indian intertribal warfare. Brian L. Keefe. 2010. ISBN: 978-0-87004-472-4. Order #: CAXT2932 paper$18.95
River Tales of Idaho. Darcy Williamson. 1997. ISBN: 978-0-87004-378-9. Order #: CAXT2951 $17.95
Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook. Darcy Williamson. 1995. ISBN: 978-0-87004-367-3.  Order #: CAXT2972 paper$17.95
Rotting Face: Smallpox and the American Indian. R. G. Robertson. 2001. ISBN: 978-0-87004-419-9. Order #: CAXT2973 cloth$24.95
Rufus. Rutherford G. Montgomery, 1973. Order #: CAXT2974 $OUT OF PRINT
Ruminator: a collection of thoughts and suggestions on contrary thinking. Humphrey Bancroft Neill. 1975. Republished 2011. ISBN: 978-0-87004-244-7. Order #: CAXT2979 $9.95

Sails of Fortune. Christine Echeverria Bender. 2005.ISBN: 978-0-87004-449-6. Order #: CAXT2983 paper$16.95
Salmon River Country. Mark Lisk and Stephen Stuebner. 2005. ISBN: 978-0-87004-441-0. Order #: CAXT2996 cloth$27.95.
Salvos Against the New Deal: selections from the Saturday Evening Post. Garet Garrett. Edited by Bruce Ransey, 2002. ISBN: 978-0-87004-4245-0. Order #: CAXT3021 $12.95
San Juan Islands (The): into the 21st century.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-504-2. Order #: CAXT3428 paper$16.95.
Santa Fe Trail
, Yesterday and Today. William E. Hill. 1992. ISBN: 978-0-87004-354-3. Order #: CAXT3023 paper$16.95
Sawtooth Tales. Dick D’Easum. 1977. ISBN: 978-0-87004-259-1. Order #: CAXT3035 paper$12.95
Sawtooth-White Cloud. Order #: CAXT5103 $26.00
Settlers' War, The: the struggle for the Texas frontier in the 1860s.
Gregory Michno. 2011. ISBN: 978-0-87004-494-6. Order #: CAXT3046 paper$19.95
Shadow in the Forest (A): Idaho's black bear.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-172-7. Order #: CAXT3047 paper$18.95
Shoshoni Pony
. Carol Lynn MacGregor. 2003. ISBN: 978-0-87004-431-1. Order #: CAXT3074 cloth$15.95
Silver Creek: Idaho's Fly Fishing Paradise. David Glasscock & David Clark. 1997.ISBN: 978-0-87004-382-6. Order #: CAXT3083 paper$18.95
Six Decades Back: early days on the Snake River Plain. Charles Shirley Walgamott. 1936. ISBN: 978-0-89301-267-0. Order #: CAXT3124 paper$19.95
Sixty-Four Years as a Writer. Bill Gulick. 2006.ISBN: 978-0-87004-453-3. Order #: CAXT3125 paper$16.95
Small Dam Problem (A). Order #: CAXT5150 $16.00
 ISBN: 978-0-89301-180-2. Order #: CAXT3410 paper$17.95
Snake River Country.
Bill Gulick. 1971. ISBN: 978-0-87004-215-7. Order #: CAXT3127 cloth$39.95
So Incredibly Idaho.: seven landscapes that define the Gem State. ISBN: 978-0-89301-193-2.. Order #: CAXT3139 $49.95
Southern Idaho Ghost Towns
. Wayne Sparling. 1973. ISBN: 978-0-87004-229-4. Order #: CAXT3145 paper$12.95
Sowbelly and Sourdough: Original Recipes from the Trail Drives and Cow Camps of the 1800s. Scott Gregory. 1996. Order #: CAXT3147 $OUT OF PRINT
Steamboats on Northwest Rivers, Bill Gulick, 2004. ISBN: 978-0-87004-438-0. Order #: CAXT3151 paper$16.95
Steens Mountain: in Oregon's high desert country. ISBN: 978-0-87004-028-3. Order #: CAXT3151 cloth$49.95
Stevens Pass: gateway to Seattle.
Joann Roe, 2002. ISBN: 978-0-87004-428-1. Order #: CAXT3153 paper$12.95
Story of Idaho (The): Millennial edition.  ISBN: 978-0-89301-259-5. Order #: CAXT3438 paper$12.95

Tall Timber Tales, Dell J. McCormick. 1939. ISBN: 978-0-87004-448-9. Order #: CAXT3157paper $11.95
Telluride: from Pick to Powder. Richard L. Fetter. 1979. ISBN: 978-0-87004-265-2. Order #: (10)CAXT3162 paper$12.95
They Came to a Valley: a panoramic novel about the early Northwest and the pioneer quest. Bill Gulick. 2001. ISBN: 978-0-87004-420-5. Order #: CAXT3163 $17.95
Tough Trip Through Paradise: 1878-1879.  ISBN: 978-0-89301-250-2. Order #: CAXT3176 paper$9.95
Tracking Down Oregon
. Ralph Friedman. 1978. ISBN: 978-0-87004-257-7. Order #: CAXT5889 paper$14.95
Trails of the Smoky Hill. Wayne C. Lee and Howard C. Raynesford. 1980. ISBN: 978-0-87004-276-8. Order #: CAXT3178 paper$17.95
Traveler's History of Washington. Bill Gulick. 1996. ISBN: 978-0-87004-371-0. Order #: CAXT3180 paper$19.95
Treaties and Treachery: the Northwest Indians' resistance to conquest. Kurt R. Nelson. 2011. ISBN: 978-0-87004-499-1. Order #: CAXT3183 paper$18.95

Walking in Two Worlds: Mixed-Blood Indian Women Seeking Their Paths. Nancy M. Peterson. 2006. ISBN: 978-0-87004-450-2. Order #: CAXT3195 paper$16.95
Washington State Place Names: from Alki to Yelm. Doug Brokenshire. 1993. ISBN: 978-0-87004-356-7. Order #: CAXT3196  ISBN: 978-0-87004-428-1. Order #: CAXT3153 paper$12.95$14.95
Weiser Indians (The): Shoshoni Peacemakers. Hank Corless. 1996. ISBN: 978-0-87004-376-5. Order #: CAXT3198 $14.95
Whaler's Forge, The. Christine Echeverria-Bender. 2009. ISBN: 978-0-87004-474-8. Order #: CAXT3200  ISBN: 978-0-87004-428-1. Order #: CAXT3153 paper$12.95$16.95
What Social Classes Owe to Each Other. William Graham Sumner. 1952. ISBN: 978-0-87004-166-2. Order #: CAXT3202 $8.95
When the Basques Ruled California. ISBN: 978-0-87004-589-9.
Order #: CAXT3450 paper$17.95
Wild Towns of Nebraska
. Wayne C. Lee. 1988. ISBN: 978-0-87004-325-3. Order #: CAXT3212  ISBN: 978-0-87004-428-1. Order #: CAXT3153 paper$12.95$17.95
Wind Leaves No Shadow. Ruth Laughlin. 1951. ISBN: 978-0-87004-083-2. Order #: CAXT3213 $14.95
Wings Over Idaho: an aviation history. ISBN: 978-0-87004-467-0. Order #: CAXT3213 paper$22.95
Wit h Our Good Will: 30 ears of Shakespeare in Idaho.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-456-4. Order #: CAXT3513 cloth$37.95
Wood, Water, & Grass: Meek Cutoff of 1845.
ISBN: 978-0-990-38602-5. Order #: CAXT3227  ISBN: 978-0-87004-428-1. Order #: CAXT3153 paper$24.95
Women on the Run.
ISBN: 978-0-89301-217-5. Order #: CAXT3237 cloth$16.95 

Yellow Wolf: his own story. Lucullus Virgil McWhorter. 1940. ISBN: 978-0-87004-315-4. Order #: CAXT3239 paper$16.95

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