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The Call of Gold: true tales on the gold road to Yosemite. ISBN: 0-944220-13-4. 208 pages. Order #: GRWE2580 paper$15.95
Galen Clark: Yosemite Guardian. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7466 paper$9.95
John Muir in Yosemite. No ISBN.  Order #: GRWE7465 paper $7.95
Pioneers in Petticoats. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7467 paper$8.95
Short Line to Paradise: the story of the Yosemite Valley Railroad. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7468 paper$5.95
Yosemite Map # 1: Map of the Yosemite Valley, 1865. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2470 map$12.00
Yosemite Map # 2: Map of a portion of the Sierra Nevada adjacent to the Yosemite Valley, 1863-1867. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2471 map$14.00
Yosemite Map # 3: Topographical map of Yosemite Valley and vicinity, 1883. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2472 map$12.00
Yosemite Map # 4: Map of a portion of the Sierra Nevada adjacent to the Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy Valleys, 1893. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2474 map$12.00
Yosemite Map # 5: Map of the Yosemite National Park. 1896. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2489 map$10.00
Five Historic Yosemite Maps, from 1865 to 1896 (above). No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7470 maps$50.00

Yosemite Place Names: the history of geographic names in Yosemite National Park. ISBN: 0-944220-19-3. 272 pages. Order #: GRWE2428 paper$18.95
Yosemite's Yesterdays: Volume 1. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7482 paper$7.95
Yosemite's Yesterdays: Volume 2.
No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7469 paper$7.95

Sierra Nevada/Lake Tahoe:
Embracing Scenes about Lakes Tahoe & Donner: painters, illustrators, and sketch artists. ISBN: 0-944220-14-2. Order #: GRWE7472 paper$35.00
Guide to the Theodore Solomons Trail: an alternative route to the heavily used John Muir Trail between Yosemite Valley and the Mt. Whitney region. ISBN: 0-934136-34-3. Order #: GRWE7505 paper$49.95
Sierra Nevada Place Names: from Abbot to Zumwalt. ISBN: 0-944220-23-1. Order #: GRWE7503 paper$19.95

Splendid Mountains: early exploration in the Sierra Nevada. ISBN:
0-944220-22-3. Order #: GRWE7864 paper$21.95
Tahoe Place Names: the origin and history of names in the Lake Tahoe Basin. ISBN: 0-944220-01-0. 192 pages. Order #: GRWE5916 paper$14.95

San Francisco and Bay Area:

Bummer & Lazarus, San Francisco's Famous Dogs. 80 pages. ISBN: 0-930235-07-X. Order #: GRWE2422 paper$12.95
Everybody's San Francisco Cookbook: recipes celebrating the city's best ethnic cooking. 288 pages. ISBN: 1-886776-01-6.
Order #: GRWE2430 paper$16.95
Exploring the Back Roads: 28 Day Trips in the Greater Bay Area. ISBN: 0-944220-21-5. Order #: GRWE7458 paper$12.95
Haunted San Francisco: ghost stories from the city's past. 196 pages. ISBN: 1-879367-04-1. Order #: GRWE2304 paper$14.95
Hidden Walks in the East Bay & Marin: pathways, essays, and yesterdays.
176 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-11-8. Order #: GRWE2424 paper$15.95
Historic San Francisco, a concise history and guide. 320 pages.
ISBN: 1-879367-05-X. Order #: GRWE2398 paper$17.95
Historic Walks in San Francisco: 18 trails through the city's past. ISBN: 1-879367-03-3. Order #: GRWE7459 paper$19.95

More San Francisco Memoirs, 1852 to 1899: the ripening years. 320 pages. ISBN: 0-930235-05-3. Order #: GRWE2402 paper$16.95
Mud, Blood, and Gold: San Francisco in 1849--cloth. ISBN: 978-1-879367-06-7. Order #: GRWE7464 cloth$25.95
Mud, Blood, and Gold: San Francisco in 1849--paper. ISBN: 978-1-879367-07-4. Order #: GRWE7464 paper$19.95
San Francisco/Yerba Buena: from the beginning to the Gold Rush. 1769-1849. 191 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-08-8. Order #: GRWE2423 paper$17.95
Three Fearful Days: San Francisco memoirs of the 1906 earthquake & fire--paper. 336 pages. ISBN: 0-930235-06-1Order #: GRWE7461 paper$16.95
Angel Island:
Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain: an Angel Island story.  ISBN: 1-9667352-4-2. Order #: GRWE2444 paper$10.95
Miwoks to Missiles: a history of Angel Island.  ISBN: 1-9667352-2-6. Order #: GRWE2445 paper$17.95
Angel Island Prisoner 1922--in English and Chinese.  ISBN: 1-9667352-3-4. Order #: GRWE2444 paper$8.95
Contra Costa County:
Days Gone By in Contra Costa County, Volume 1. ISBN: 1-889652-01-6. Order #: GRWE2435 paper$15.95
Days Gone By in Contra Costa County, Volume 2. ISBN: 1-889652-02-4. Order #: GRWE2440 paper$15.95
Days Gone By in Contra Costa County, Volume 3. ISBN: 1-889652-06-7. Order #: GRWE2442 paper$15.95

California Gold Rush:
Bright Gem of the Western Seas: California, 1846-1852. 224 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-05-3. Order #: GRWE7487 paper$12.95
The Call of Gold: true tales on the gold road to Yosemite. ISBN: 0-944220-13-4. 208 pages. Order #: GRWE2580 paper$15.95
Outline History of an Expedition to California. 48 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-09-6. Order #: GRWE2448 paper$8.95 
To The Golden Shore: America goes to California--1849. ISBN: 0-944220-07-X. 432 pages. Order #: GRWE2856 paper$22.95.

This Life I've Loved: an autobiography (by stepdaughter of Robert Louis Stevenson). ISBN: 0-944220-18-5. Order #: GRWE2488 paper$18.95
Meriwether Lewis: a biography. ISBN: 0-944220-16-9. 364 pages. Order #: GRWE2585 paper$18.95
Working for Wages: on the road in the fifties. ISBN: 0-944220-15-0. Order #: GRWE2033 paper$15.95
The Cattle King: the biography of Henry Miller. 396 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-20-7. Order #: GRWE2036 paper$16.95
John Muir, in His Own Words: a book of quotations. ISBN: 0-944220-02-9. 112 pages. Order #: GRWE2581 paper$12.95
Death Valley Scotty: the man and the myth. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7506 paper$6.95

South Coastal California:
Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains. 160 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-12-6. Order #: GRWE2449 paper$14.95
East of the Gabilans. 194 pages. ISBN: 0-934136-11-4. Order #: GRWE2457 paper$14.95  
Palos Verdes Peninsula: time and the terraced land. 164 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-17-7Order #: GRWE2461 paper$15.95

Death Valley California:
Death Valley Scotty: the man and the myth. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE7506 paper$6.95
Scotty's Castle: Death Valley's fabulous showplace. No ISBN. Order #: GRWE2469 paper$6.95

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