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Homestead Publishing

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The Ape & the Whale: an interplay between Darwin and Melville in their own words. Barbara Novak. ISBN: 978-0-943972-33-6. Order #: HOME3856 paper$12.95
Banff-Jasper Explorers Guide--paper. Carl Schreier, with introduction by Bruno Engler, photography by Raymond Gehman. ISBN: 978-0-943972-57-4. Order #: HOME3859 paper$12.95
Banff-Jasper Explorers Guide--cloth. Carl Schreier, with introduction by Bruno Engler, photography by Raymond Gehman. ISBN: 978-0-943972-58-9. Order #: HOME3860 cloth$24.95
Beauregart the Bear.  For children. ISBN: 978-0-943972-80-0. Order #: HOME1356 cloth$12.95
Better Bed & Breakfast Inns. Jimmy Don Franklin. Features more than 315 bed & breakfast inns from Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Each entry describes the amenities for an inn, plus local interests and area activities that guests can enjoy. ISBN: 978-0-943972-31-2. Order #: HOME3861 paper$2.95
Birds of Jackson Hole. ISBN: None. Bert Raynes. Pocket guide to the occurrence and preferred habitats of Jackson Hole birds. ISBN: None. Order #: HOME6546 paper$1.95
Bonney's Guide to Jackson's Hole & Grand Teton National Park. Lorrain G. Bonney. The most comprehensive and complete guide to America's favorite valley, with maps, trails, descriptions, and a taste of history along the way. ISBN: 978-0-943972-32-9. Order #: HOME6544 paper$14.95
Cubby in Wonderland. Francis Farnsworth. For children. ISBN: 978-0-943972-72-5. Order #: HOME6545 paper$14.95
Diary of a Female Voyeur. Cal Glover. ISBN: 978-0-943972-77-0. Order #: HOME3862 paper$14.95
A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains. Carl Schreier. Full-color field guide includes nearly 300 flowers representing 52 families. Included for each wildflower is a comprehensive description with a color photograph and a drawing to aid identification. ISBN: 978-0-943972-13-8. Order #: HOME6541 paper$18.95
A Field Guide to Yellowstone's Geysers, Hot Springs and Fumaroles. Carl Schreier. Expanded edition of the popular guide to Yellowstone's thermal features. Describes each featured geyser, hot spring, and mud pot with narration and color photo. ISBN: 978-0-943972-09-1. HOME6542 paper$13.95
Glacier-Waterton Explorers Guide. by Carl Schreier. ISBN: 978-0-943972-07-7. Order #: HOME3863 paper$6.50
Glacier-Waterton Short Hikes. ISBN: 978-0-943972-78-7. Order #: HOME1249 paper$3.95
A Goose Tale: Gwen & Gabe's journey. for children. ISBN: 978-0-943972-82-4. Order #: HOME1264 cloth$12.95
Grand Teton Explorers Guide--paper. Carl Schreier, with introduction by Margaret E. Murie. Revised edition of popular guide to Grand Teton National Park. Includes color photographs and highlights recreation, seasons, and flora and fauna. Along the way learn about the geology of the mountains and about the people of the valley. ISBN: 978-0-943972-01-5. Order #: HOME3864 paper$9.75
Grand Teton Explorers Guide--cloth. Carl Schreier, with introduction by Margaret E. Murie. ISBN: 978-0-943972-54-1. Order #: HOME6587 cloth$24.95
Grand Teton Short Hikes. Carl Schreier. ISBN: 978-0-943972-64-0. Order #: HOME6540 paper$3.95
The Grand Tetons: the story of taming the Western wilderness. Margaret Sanborn. This dynamically written story of the West offers the complete tale of one of the most majestic places on Earth in a fashion that draws you in and takes you along for the ride. ISBN: 978-0-943972-17-6. Order #: HOME3220 paper$18.00
The Great Plains: a wilderness habitat discovery book. by Robert Bullock. ISBN: 978-0-943972-10-7. Order #: HOME3865 paper$2.95
Greater Yellowstone's Future: prospects for ecosystem science, management, and policy. Tim W. Clark and Steven C. Minta. This educational book offers an introduction to a new system of reviewing the complex issues of ecosystem science, management, and policy in a region ripe with controversy. ISBN: 978-0-943972-220-6. Order #: HOME6588 paper$11.95
Greetings from Grand Teton National Park: a postcard book. ISBN: 978-0-943972-60-2. Order #: HOME3867 postcards$8.95
Greetings from San Francisco--a postcard book. ISBN: 978-0-943972-74-9. Order #: HOME3868 postcards$8.95
Greetings from Yellowstone National Park--a postcard book. ISBN: 978-0-943972-61-9. Order #: HOME3869 postcards$8.95
Grizzlies in the Mist. ISBN: 978-0-943972-75-6. Chuck Neal. Order #: HOME6538 paper$14.95
A Grizzly Death in Yellowstone. novel. Cal Glover. ISBN: 978-0-943972-35-0.Order #: HOME6543 paper$12.95
Hiking Grand Teton Trails Topographic Map. ISBN: 978-0-943972-47-3. Order #: HOME6807 paper$9.95
Hiking Grand Teton Trails. Carl Schreier. ISBN: 978-0-943942-21-3. Order #: HOME6806 paper$14.95
Hiking Yellowstone Trails Topographic Map. Carl Schreier. A 26" x 40" hiking, planning, and field map to accompany the book Hiking Yellowstone Trails.  Weatherproof for long wear. ISBN: 978-0-943972-46-6. Order #: HOME6805 map$9.95
Hiking Yellowstone Trails. Carl Schreier. Trail descriptions of Yellowstone National Park, covering short hikes, day trips, and backpacking adventures. Includes trail distances, elevations, maps, photos, and more. ISBN: 978-0-943972-22-0. Order #: HOME2514 paper$14.95
Indian Lodge-fire Stories. Frank B. Linderman. ISBN: 978-0-943972-39-8. Order #: HOME3871 paper$12.95
The Iron Shirt. Frank B. Linderman; illustrations from George Catlin. ISBN: 978-0-943972-76-3. Order #: HOME3872 paper$14.95
Jackson Hole: uneasy Eden. fiction. Warren Adler. ISBN: 978-0-943972-62-6. Order #: HOME3873 cloth$24.95
Log Cabins & Cottages: how to build and furnish them. by William S. Wicks. ISBN: 978-0-943972-28-2. Order #: HOME3874 paper$12.95
Losing Solitude. novel. by Martin Murie. ISBN: 978-0-943972-34-.3. Order #: HOME3875 paper$10.50
Mattie: a woman's journey west. Nan Weber. Inspiring story of Martha "Mattie" Shipley Culver, whose passages took her from her childhood in New England and work in the New York textile industry to her role as wife of a winter caretaker in Yellowstone National Park, where she died and was buried in 1889, at age 30. ISBN: 978-0-943972-42-8. Order #: HOME3876 paper$14.95
The Millenium Project. a novel by Cal Glover. ISBN: 978-0-943972-63-3. Order #: HOME3877 paper$14.95
Never Too Late for Love--paper. Warren Adler. Fifteen stories of life in a retirement community embody the full range of human emotions and passions of love, sex, joy, comedy, and tragedy. The aging process is explored with great insight, tenderness, and, above all, hope. ISBN: 978-0-943972-45-9. Order #: HOME3984 paper$14.95
Never Too Late for Love--cloth. ISBN: 978-0-943972-44-2. Order #: HOME3878 cloth$22.95
Night of the Grizzlies. by Jack Olsen. ISBN: 978-0-943972-48-0. Order #: HOME3883 paper$14.95
The Place Where Hell Bubbled Up: a history of the first national park. David Clary. Delightful, concise history of the first national park by way of fascinating photography in this winner of the Superior Gallery of Fine Printing. ISBN: 978-0-943972-19-0. Order #: HOME3886 paper$8.95
Plains and Peaks: a wilderness outfitter's story. by Tory Taylor. ISBN: 978-0-943972-30-5. Order #: HOME3888 paper$11.95
Pushed Off the Mountain; Sold Down the River--Wyoming's search for its soul. ISBN: 978-0-943972-73-8. Order #: HOME3889 paper$14.95
Robert E. Lee: a portrait. Margaret Sanborn. ISBN: 978-0-943972-29-9. Order #: HOME3922 cloth$27.95
The Rocky Mountains: a wilderness habitat discovery book. by Robert Bullock. ISBN: 978-0-943972-18-3. Order #: HOME3973 paper$3.95
Star Food Revisited. ISBN: 978-0-943972-70-1. Order #: HOME3974 paper$16.95
Tales of the Grizzly. Denise Casey and Dr. Tim Clark, with illustrations by Beth Kron. Collection of stories about the majestic grizzly bear that can serve both as a window to the past and a glimpse into the future of this species. ISBN: 978-0-943972-14-5.Order #: HOME3217 paper$14.95
Tales of the Wolf. Denise Casey and Dr. Tim Clark, with illustrations by Beth Kron. Captivating collection of stories representing the full spectrum of understanding and interpretation of possibly the most misunderstood creature on Earth. ISBN: 978-0-943972-40-4. Order #: HOME3218 paper$14.95
Teton Skiing: a history & guide. Thomas Turiano. Explore the history of skiing in the Tetons and take a tour of some of the spectacular ascents and descents, with descriptions of approaches to and from the ski routes. ISBN: 978-0-943972-43-5. Order #: HOME6810 paper$18.95
Thomas Moran Print--Yellowstone Falls: Northern Pacific Railroad poster. Thomas Moran. ISBN: None. Order #: HOME3975 paper$16.00

Tike & Tiny in the Tetons. for children. ISBN: 978-0-943972-79-4. Order #: HOME6880 paper$15.95
The Virginian: a horseman of the Plains. novel. Owen Wister, with illustrations from Charles Russell. ISBN: 978-0-943972-69-5. Order #: HOME3222 paper$16.95
Waldo: a young Wyoming cowboy. for children. by J.C. Cantle. ISBN: 978-0-943972-27-5. Order #: HOME3976 paper$12.95
Wildlife of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks. Helpful guide in finding, observing, understanding, and photographing wildlife in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Color photos. ISBN: 978-0-943972-41-1. Order #: HOME3216 paper$10.95
Wildlife of Yellowstone & Jackson Hole. Bert Raynes. Pocket guide to mammals, reptiles, and amphibians of the Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks region. ISBN: None. Order #: HOME3224 paper$2.95
Windswept. novel. by Martin Murie. ISBN: 978-0-943972-68-8. Order #: HOME3977 paper$14.95
Yellowstone Boxed Cards: falls of the Yellowstone. ISBN: 202-75. # HOME3978 cardsS13.00
Yellowstone Explorers Guide--paper. Carl Schreier, with introduction by Ann & Myron Sutton. Guide to natural history of Yellowstone National Park, with stunning photographs and a thoughtful text that gives the feeling of having been there. ISBN: 978-0-943972-02-2. Order #: HOME3982 paper$9.75
Yellowstone Explorers Guide--cloth. Carl Schreier.  ISBN: 978-0-943972-56-5. Order #: HOME3226 cloth$24.95
Yellowstone Poster. Homestead Publishing. No ISBN. Order #: HOME3979 poster$12.00
Yellowstone Selected Photographs 1870-1960--paper. Carl Schreier. ISBN: 978-0-943972-11-4. Order #: HOME6336 paper$19.95
Yellowstone Short Hikes. Carl Schreir. ISBN: 978-0-943972-65-7. Order #: HOME3332 paper$3.95

Subject groupings of Homestead Publishing titles

Fiction & Western Fiction
Glacier/Waterton Lakes National Parks
Guide Books
Native American
Prints & Posters
Trail Guides
Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
Young Readers

Forthcoming titles (not yet placed in subject pages)
A Christmas in Yellowstone.  ISBN: 978-0-943972-85-5. Order #: HOME1755 cloth$12.95
Acoma: the ski city. ISBN: 978-0-943972-66-4. Order #: HOME6874 paper$16.95
The Adventures of Buffalo Joe and the blackbird with the broken wing.  ISBN: 978-0-943972-86-2. Order #: HOME1214 paper$7.95
The American River. ISBN: 978-0-973972-52-7. Order #: HOME6873 paper$18.00
The Cookie Book. ISBN: 978-0-943972-49-3. Order #: HOME68742 cloth$13.95

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