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 Yosemite: the story behind the scenery

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by William R. Jones, former Chief Naturalist of Yosemite National Park

Presents all aspects of the Yosemite story--geologic origin of the principal features, Indian history and "discovery" by early explorers plus role in conservation history as what has been called America's first national park (set aside in 1864 and before Yellowstone of 1872 but without the term "national park" in its formal establishment), scenery of the High Sierra, and ecology of the park's three giant sequoia groves. 

Yosemite!  Its cliffs and waterfalls are so high that the first explorers to see them could not estimate their heights.  Its landmark Half Dome is so distinctive in shape as to be unique in the world.  Its giant sequoia trees are so old that contemplation of their ages strains our human concept of time.  And its High Sierra wilderness is so remote and vast that few have ever seen it at all.

The Story Behind the Scenery takes you through this magnificent National Park in a manner that is unique, interpreting the diversity of its wonders in a way you'll truly appreciate a tale told around Yosemite campfires:  A lady visitor, who wanted to spend her time in Yosemite to the best advantage, asked a park ranger, "What would you do if you had only one day to spend in Yosemite?"  

"Madam," the ranger replied, " I'd weep."

9x12, 64 pages, 69 color photos & 8 maps. Revised in several new editions since release in 1971, now with over 860,000 copies in print.

 ISBN: 978-0-88714-234-5. Order #: KCPU4165 paper$11.95


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