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 K. C. Publications
 Glen Canyon-Lake Powell: the story behind the scenery

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Glen Canyon-Lake Powell: the story behind the scenery

by Ronald E Everhart

There is something in the harmony of sky and rock and water--something that ensnares the soul in the flow of time.  In the mystical canyons of the Glen, grasp infinity in the palm of your hand.  Find eternity in an hour.

Glen Canyon & Lake Powell:  This is a country of stark beauty, where towering red and buff cliffs are framed against an azure sky and are accentuated by the green of exotic hanging gardens.  Glen Canyon was home to Indians, a barrier to settlers and an elusive El Dorado to miners.  Glen Canyon Dam created Lake Powell, making it possible for millions to enjoy the splendors once treasure by but a few.

Glen Canyon-Lake Powell, the Story Behind the Scenery, paints for the reader a rich tapestry of interpretation, both of natural and of humankind history.  In doing so,  beautiful photography and soaring language present you with an impressive "feel" of being there.

9x12, 48 pages, 66 color photos & 3 maps/ diagrams.

ISBN: 978-0-88714-285-0.  Order #: KCPU4634 price$11.95

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