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 Naturegraph Publishers/Native American
A Bag of Bones: legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California

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A Bag of Bones: legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California

by Masson. 15 stories told by old Wintu native Americans from group who lived along western Sacramento Valley of California. 10 illustrations, 140 pages. Covers damaged. .

ISBN: 978-0-911010-26-2. Order #: NATG0951 paper$12.95




Scuffed copies available Order #: NATG00947.



Book Reviews of A Bag of Bones: legends of the Wintu Idians of Northern California

 1. "At last there is a collection of legends which have been transcribed exactly as they were told. While reading these stories, you feel as if an inner voice is reading aloud, momentarily satisfying the desire to have your own "grandfather" by your side." (East-West Journal, July 15, 1975)

2. "This book is a compilation of stories and legends of the Wintu Indians who traditionally lived in the Trinity county area. The stories were written or told by Grant Towendolly (Wintu name - Laktcharar Tauhindauli) and compiled and prepared for publication by Marcelle Masson.

"I found the stories themselves to make interesting reading and enjoyed Grant's telling style.

"Besides being fun to read adventure stories, the myths provide an intimate view of Wintu value systems, patterns of perception and thinking, kinship systems and philosophy. The legends were also used to explain natural phenomena. Hills. rivers and even particular rock formations held a special significance to the Wintu who grew up in the area." (Mike Humenik, Santa Cruz Mountains Natural History Association Newsletter, Sept/Oct 1989)

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