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 National Parks Publications

 National Parks Publications for:  parks by alphabet  parks by state  parks by official category  parks by park theme

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Also see California: southern Sierra (go to for national parks: Yosemite NP   Sequoia NP     Kings Canyon NP
Also see California: general 

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VistaBooks Publishing Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
The Hummingbird of the California Waterfalls. by John Muir. ISBN: 978-0-89646-019-5. Order #: VIST0019 paper$3.95
In the Heart of the California Alps: a near view of the High Sierra in 1872. ISBN: 978-0-89646-026-3. Order #: VIST0026 paper$3.95
Mountaineering in the Kings River Country of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks 1864. ISBN: 978-0-89646-042-3. Order #: VIST0042 paper$3.95
Oh, Ranger! a book about the national parks.  ISBN: 978-0-89646-068-3. Order #: VIST0068 paper$7.95
What's Cooking in Our National Parks.  ISBN: 978-0-89646-081-2. Order #: VIST0081 paper$11.95
The Wild Sheep. ISBN: 978-0-89646-017-1. Order #: VIST0017 paper$3.95

K. C. Publications Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
Sequoia & Kings Canyon in pictures: the continuing story. ISBN: 978-0-88714-049-5. Order #: KCPU8055 paper$11.95
(National Park Service cooperating associations: order title above from K. C. Publications--others order from VistaBooks Distributing.)
Sequoia & Kings Canyon: the story behind the scenery. ISBN: 978-0-88714-121-8. Order #: KCPU6838 paper$11.95
(National Park Service cooperating associations: order title above from K. C. Publications--others order from VistaBooks Distributing.)

Mixed Publishers Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
High Sierra: John Muir's Range of Light. ISBN: 1-884550-06-1. Order #: WIWO2300 paper$12.95
The California Chaparral. ISBN: 978-0-87961-002-9. Order #: NATG6328 paper$8.95
Sierra Nevadan Wildlife Region  ISBN: 978-0-87961-227-6. Order #: NATG2025 paper$8.95
Trout Fishing the John Muir Trail. ISBN: 978-1-57188-188-5. Order #: FRAM9016  paper$19.95
Who Pooped in the Park? Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. ISBN: 978-1-56037-327-8. Order #: FARC6607 paper$9.95

Heyday Books Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
The High Sierra of California. ISBN: 1-890771-99-6. Order #: HEYD2982 paper$24.95
The Illuminated Landscape: a Sierra Nevada anthology. Order #: HEYD
The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. ISBN: 978-1-59714-052-2. Order #: HEYD2924 paper$24.95
One Day on Beetle Rock. ISBN: 1-1-890771-53-8. Order #: HEYD6303 paper$14.95
Sierra Birds: a hikerís guide
. ISBN: 1-890771-78-3. Order #: HEYD2925 paper$9.95
Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier

Mountain Press Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
The Charcoal Forest: how fire helps animals & plants. ISBN: 0-87842-532-2. Order #: MOPR1241 paper$12.00
Fire in the Sierra Nevada Forests: a photographic interpretation of ecological change since 1849. ISBN 0-87842-446-6. Order #: MOPR9062 paper$20.00
An Introduction to Southern California Birds. ISBN 0-87842-233-1. Order #: MOPR1183 paper$14.00
Sierra Nevada Wildflowers. ISBN: 0-87842-388-5. Order #: MOPR1195 paper$5.00 (was $16.00)   Out of print.

Nature Study Guild finders Sequoia National Park (CA) books:
Pacific Coast Berry Finder: a pocket manual for identifying native plants with fleshy fruits. ISBN: 978-0-912550-02-2. Order #: NASG0982 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Bird Finder: a pocket guide to some frequently seen birds. ISBN: 978-0-912550-04-6. Order #: NASG0980 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Fern Finder.  ISBN: 978-0-912550-13-8. Order #: NASG0989 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Mammals: a guide to mammals of the Pacific Coast states, Their Tracks, Skulls, and Other Signs. ISBN: 978-0-912550-16-9  Order #: NASG3496  paper$5.95
Pacific Coast Tree Finder: a pocket manual for identifying Pacific Coast trees. ISBN: 978-0-912550-27-5. Order #: NASG0979 paper$4.95
Sierra Flower Finder: a guide to Sierra Nevada wildflowers. ISBN: 0-912550-09-0. Order #: NASG0978 paper$5.75

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 National Parks Publications for:  parks by alphabet  parks by state  parks by official category  parks by park theme
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