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WHY TO ORDER from VistaBooks Distributing--

  • VistaBooks Distributing offers access to thousands of titles from many publishers (listed below). And your discounts from VistaBooks Distributing on titles VistaBooks Distributing supplies from these publishers are generally comparable to those publishers' discounts to you.

  • Using VistaBooks Distributing as your source for books by these publishers gives you the advantage of processing just one order for all these publishers (including those published by VistaBooks Publishing), as books by all are combined when invoiced and shipped.

  • Publishers we distribute are listed in Group 1 or Group 2.
    For Group 1 publishers, you can order as few as 10 books (single or mixed titles) for 40% discount; more books for more discount--up to 46%..
    For Group 2 publishers please order in the minimums shown for each Group 2 publisher (usually 15 to 35 single or mixed titles). Once the minimum is attained for a Group 2 publisher, the order for that publisher will combine in your total order for combined  quantity discounts.

  • By combining your orders from several publishers you qualify for discounts up to 46%--and shipping charges may be less due to larger packages which ship at cheaper rates than small ones.

  • Perhaps the biggest plus is placing only one order and dealing with one shipment instead of many.

When you order--

  • Titles are invoiced at publishers' suggested retail prices (we endeavor to keep our listings accurate) when shipped--less our discount to you. If you wish, Email VistaBooks Distributing and we will confirm final prices for you to approve or not before shipping.

  • We ship as soon as possible but may be low on stock for a title, so please anticipate your needs. Once we know your preferences for titles our program is to maintain shelf stock for your future orders.

  • Use your order form or ours: VistaBooks Distributing Reseller'sOrderForm&Info). Send any way to
    VistaBooks, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498-8927.  Phone/Fax: 970/468-7673   email

Retail Resellers: GROUP 1 PUBLISHERS and GROUP 2 PUBLISHERS below can be combined for VistaBooks Distributing Retail Reseller's discounts per table in red below. Group 2 publishers (*starred) must be ordered at least in minimums stated per publisher or publisher group.

1-9         single title or mixed:  10%
10-29     single title or mixed:  40% (also for retail $50 and up)
30-99     single title or mixed:  42%
100-299 single title or mixed:  43%
300 up   single title or mixed:  46%

 GROUP 1 PUBLISHERS--order 10 or more copies (single or mixed titles, single or mixed publishers) for 40% or more discount per table in red above. Orders from Group 2 publishers combine with those from Group 1 for discount by quantity.  Scroll down for Group2 publishers.
(Many titles of Group 1 publishers are listed in BooksBySubject.

ADVE Adventure Publications--
outdoors, nature

Image result for aaa logo



AMAA American Automobile Association (NBN)

 AMTR American Traveler Press
--Southwest nature and history

 APMC Appalachian Mountain Club (NBN)--trail and outdoor books Eastern U.S.

  ASCR  Asher Creek --souvenir cookbooks, fishing humor
  BALA  Baxter Lane --souvenir books on cooking, humor, SW subjects, gunfighters. Out of print; we have limited stock available.

  BEAM Beautiful America
--regional photo books

 CAXT Caxton Press  --western Americana

 CHER  Cherokee Publications 
--native Americans
  Temporarily Unavailable

Clerisy Press
 CLER Clerisy Press--(Keene)

 DAHI Day Hikes Books (NBN)

 FAGU Falcon Guides (NBN)

 FARC  Farcountry Press

 FILT    Filter Press 
--Western Americana, Southwest, native Americans

 FRAM Frank Amato Publications --fishing, Northwest

 GOSA  Good Sam (NBN)

  GRWE Great West Books --San Francisco, Tahoe, Yosemite, Meriwether Lewis 
   Temporarily Unavailable

 HEYD  Heyday Books
--"Into California", Native American, Sierra Nevada nature

 HOMEHomestead Publishing
--Western Americana, Northern Rockies

 HUTC Hutcraft --pioneer nostalgia. Out of print. We have limited stock available.

Independent Publishers Group Logo
INPU  Independent Publishers Group --outdoors, nature--thousands of  titles available

 INGU Insider's Guides (NBN)

 KCPU  K. C. Publications
--national parks, "the story behind the scenery" series, Americana, Southwest  Temporarily unavailable
 KEEN  Keene Communications--
Including these publishers: Adventure Publications, Clerisy Press, Menasha Ridge, Nature Study Guild, The Unofficial Guide, Wilderness Press.


  LYON Lyons Press  (NBN)



 MERI Menasha Ridge Press (Keene) --outdoor guidebooks


 MITL Michelin Travel & LIfestyle (NBN) MOHI

 MOHS Montana Historical Society (NBN)

 NABO National Book Network--hundreds of publishers available, including ones showing here as NBN.
 NASG Nature Study Guild (Keene)
--Finders--plants and animals identification

 NATG Naturegraph Publishers --nature, history, natural living, Native Americans


 NEVA Nevada Publications
--Western Americana, especially Nevada. Not available to dealers in Nevada.

Pictorial Histories Publishing
--pictorial histories Civil War, World War II, skiing, Alaska
 PUBE Purple Bee --skiing for women--beginner and intermediate
 PRUE Pruett Publishing --Colorado and the West; fishing         
  Temporarily Unavailable     

 QUAR Quarto Publishing Group (was Quayside)
--fishing, hunting, outdoors, history--test all these links    
Cool Springs Press, Creative Publishing International, Fair Winds Press, Motorbooks, Quarry Books, Quiver, Race Point Publishing,
                Rockport Publishers,
Voyageur, Walter Foster, Zenith Press, Book Sales, Quarto Distribution Services

 STAC Stackpole Books  (NBN)
--military, Civil War, nature, outdoors

 TIMB Timberline Books --gunfighters, Colorado quiz

 UNEB University of Nebraska Press (UNNC)
--western Americana

 UNNC University of North Carolina Press
--regional, nature, history, Civil War, eastern U.S.

UNOF The Unofficial Guide--

  VIST  VistaBooks Publishing
--(that's us) outdoors and American history

 VOYA Voyageur Press (Quarto)
--outdoor, nature, horses, lighthouses.

 WEGU Western Guideways --Colorado tourist railroad guides
 Out of Print; we have a few books left.

  WEHO Western Horseman (NBN)--

Wilderness Press


 WILD Wilderness Press (Keene) --outdoor guidebooks 

 *GROUP 2 PUBLISHERS (*starred below)--Order titles by publishers in GROUP 2 below at least in minimums stated for the individual publisher. Titles may be mixed within that publisher's list . Titles ordered from Group 2 combine with those ordered from Group 1 for discounts in the table in red above ("VistaBooks Distributing Retail Reseller's Discounts")
Selected titles of Group 2 publishers are listed in BooksBySubject;
browse others in publisher's listing below or
SEARCH VistaBooks Publishing & Distributing website

  *AMBI  American Bird Products (min order
this publisher: 15 each item) --"Roger Eddy" bird calls, bird feeder bottle adapter 
 *Audiobooks America Temporarily unavailable
 *BOWT Bowtie (min. order this publisher: 20 single or mixed) --pets, fish, reptiles, care for same
Temporarily unavailable
 *CARS Carson Enterprises (min order
this publisher: 85 single or mixed) --gold and ghost towns
  *Foghorn Outdoors  Temporarily unavailable
 *COMC Colorado Mountain Club-- combine orders with MOUN Mountainneers Books below; minimum order 20 mixed both publishers
*GISM Gibbs Smith (min order
this publisher: 15 single or mixed) --Americana, children's outdoor books
 *GLPE Globe-Pequot Press  (min. combined order all Globe Pequot Press publishers: 20 single or mixed) --

*Globe-Pequot Press*, *Alastar Sawday Publishing, *Knack,  *Stoecklein Publishing, Trailblazer Publications, and more.
 *KELS Kelsey Publishing (min order this publisher: 25 single or mixed) --Canyon country hiking, natural history
  *MOON  (combines with Perseus Books Group: min combined order these publishers: 15 single or mixed)

 *MOPR Mountain Press (min order this publisher: 10 single or mixed)
--Roadside History & Geology, Western Americana, native Americans, nature
 *MOUN Mountaineers Books (min order this publisher including Colorado Mountain Club: 20 mixed) --outdoors, climbing
 *PERS Perseus+ (min combined order: 15 single or mixed all these publkishers) --
      *PERS Perseus Books Group --*Avalon Travel, *Basic Books, *Da Capo Press/*Da Capo Lifelong, *The Economist, *Nation Books, *Public Affairs,  *Running Press, *Seal Press, *Weinstein Books, *Westview Press
Publishers Group West *Counterpoint, *Greystone, *New World Library,  Sierra Club*, Soft Skull; *Thunder Bay Press, *Ulysses,  *Yosemite Conservancy, and more.
ConsortiumBook Sales
      *LEGA Legato --not yet listed.
*Road Trip USATemporarily Unavailable    
*Sasquatch  Temporarily Unavailable    
 *SIER  Sierra Press (min. order this publisher: 7 per title ordered) --national parks, pictorials, postcards, DVDs      Temporarily Unavailable     
 *SISC  Simon & Schuster (min order
this publisher: 75) --wide variety--inquire
 *TESP  Ten Speed Press
Temporarily Unavailable
*Trailer Life,
Temporarily Unavailable
 *Vanguard Press,Temporarily Unavailable
*Waterford Press,
Temporarily Unavailable
 *WIAP Wilderness Adventures Press (min. order this publisher: 15)  --fishing & hunting, cookbooks 
 *WWNO W.W. Norton imprints (min. combined order all W.W. Norton publishers: 20 single or mixed) --wide variety: *Blue Guides, * Countryman Press, *Fantagraphics Books, *George Braziller,  *Kales Press, *Liveright, *New Directions,  *Odyssey Publications, *Peace Hill Press, *Pegasus Books, *Persea, *Pushcart Press, Quantuck Lane Press, *Thames & Hudson, *W.W. Norton. For all these--see  for latest and include with order from VistaBooks.
WIWO Wide World--Temporarily unavailable

 Resellers: Do you have publishers you would like added to this list? email VistaBooks

 Publishers: Would you like your titles included here? Inquire to email VistaBooks

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