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Adlard Coles Book of Electronic Navigation
A&C Black
Tim Bartlett (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

The Adlard Coles Book of Navigation
A&C Black
Tim Bartlett (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

The Adlard Coles Book of Navigation Exercises
A&C Black
Alison Noice (Author) James Stevens (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS  paper$27.95

Celestial Navigation
A&C Black
A Programmed Learning Course
Gerry Smith (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$19.95

Complete Day Skipper
A&C Black
Skippering with confidence right from the start
Tom Cunliffe (Author) |  Order #: (15)PERS:CONS cloth$32.95

Complete Day Skipper Digital Exercises
A&C Black
Tom Cunliffe (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS cd$37.95

Complete Guide to Cross Training
A&C Black
Fiona Hayes (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$16.95

Complete Yachtmaster Sailing
A&C Black
Sailing, Seamanship and Navigation for the Modern Yacht Skipper
Tom Cunliffe (Author)
Published: 01/01/2008 | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS  cloth$29.95

Cruising Under Sail
A&C Black
Eric Hiscock (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS  paper$31.95

Day Skipper Exercises for Sail and Power
A&C Black
Alison Noice (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$34.95

Day Skipper for Sail & Power
A&C Black
Alison Noice (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS  cloth$50.00

Dictionary of Environment and Ecology
A&C Black
Over 8,000 terms clearly defined
A&C Black (Editor)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$16.95

Dinghy Cruising
A&C Black
The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat
Margaret Dye (Author)
Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

Getting Afloat
A&C Black
All you need to know about sailing small boats
Basil Mosenthal (Author) Sue Pelling (Author)
Published: 01/01/2008
Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$7.95

High Performance Sailing
A&C Black
Frank Bethwaite (Author)
Published: 06/01/2008
 Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$59.95

Inland Waterways Manual
A&C Black
The Complete Guide to Boating on Rivers, Lakes and Canals
Emrhys Barrell (Author)
Published: 01/01/2008
 Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

Learn to Navigate 5th Edition
A&C Black
A no-nonsense introduction for all ages
Basil Mosenthal (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$19.95

Learning the Rule of the Road: A Guide for Sailors
A&C Black
A Guide for the Skippers and Crew of Small Craft
Basil Mosenthal (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$14.95

Learning to Crew
A&C Black
How to be a really useful crew- and enjoy yourself
Basil Mosenthal (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$14.95

Learning to Sail
A&C Black
In dinghies or yachts: A no-nonsense guide for beginners of all ages
Basil Mosenthal (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$16.95

Lighthouses of the World
A&C Black
Marie-Haude Arzur (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS cloth$35.00

Pass Your Day Skipper
A&C Black
David Fairhall (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

Pass Your Day Skipper
A&C Black
David Fairhall (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$24.95

Pass Your Yachtmaster
A&C Black
David Fairhall (Author) Mike Peyton (Author)
Published: 01/01/2008 Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$20.95

Practical Weather Forecasting
A&C Black
Dieter Karnetzki (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS cloth$29.95

Reeds Maritime Meteorology
A&C Black
Maurice Cornish (Author) Elaine Ives (Author)
| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$39.95

The RYA Book of Buying Your First Sailing Cruiser
A&C Black
Malcolm Mckeag (Author) Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$19.95

The RYA Book of Navigation
A&C Black
Tim Bartlett (Author) Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$19.95

Selling with Confidence
A&C Black
Finding and closing successful deals...without breaking the bank
Andrew Holmes (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$12.95

Songs of a Sourdough: Robert Service.  Songs of a Sourdough is Robert Service at his best! This is nature poetry at its finest. Here, the “Bard of the Yukon” uses picture words that place the reader right in the Yukon of old. As you read you can see the stranger stagger in to the Malamute saloon and feel the fifty-below gush of air until he closes the door behind him.

Publisher: A&C Black
Subject: Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-7136-5081-5
5.4 x 7.4, 128 pages
Price US: Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$9.95

Sports Biomechanics
A&C Black
The Basics: Optimising Human Performance
Anthony Blazevich (Author) Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$34.95

Sports Training Principles
A&C Black
Frank W. Dick (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$39.95

Test Yourself on the Rules of the Road
A&C Black
Lights, shapes, sound signals, collision avoidance
Basil Mosenthal (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$12.95

Young Sailor
A&C Black
Learn to be a good sailor and have fun!
Basil Mosenthal (Author| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$12.95

Yellowstone Drift
AK Press
Floating the Past in Real Time
John Holt (Author) Doug Peacock (Preface)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$18.00

Tamsen Donner: A Woman's Journey. Whitman. Ruth Whitman has recreated the journal that Tamsen Donner lost on her nightmarish journey to California in 1846. With a grant from the National Endowment, Whitman traveled along the route of the Donner party, keeping her own diary and watching the American landscape unfold as it did to the eyes of a nineteenth-century New Englander. The journal, transforming historical fact into poetic insight, is a testimony to the optimism, dogged survival, integrity and courage of a woman pioneer. —Janet Falon, The Boston Globe. ISBN: 978-0-914086-20-8. 80 pages.  Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$12.95

Adirondack Trail Times
Ausable Press
Robert Denniston (Author) Tony Goodwin (Author) | Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$10.00

Scenes of the Ausable River Valley
Ausable Press
Peter Ciszewski (Photographer) Marla Marante (Artist) Order #: (15)PERS:CONS spiral$10.00

In the Wake of Katrina
Chris Boot
Larry Towell (Author) Ace Atkins (Afterword)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS cloth$25.00

Captain John Smith
Haus Publishing
and His Brave Adventures
R. E. Pritchard (Author)| Order #: (15)PERS:CONS paper$18.95

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