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 Pruett Publishing 
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Pruett Publishing: archeology
Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts: a practical guide for the amateur archaeologist. Yeager. ISBN: 0-87108-912-2. Order #: PRUE5403 paper$16.95

Pruett Publishing: Fishing
Angler's Journal. ISBN: 0-87108-899-1. Order #: PRUE5409 paper$14.95
Basic Techniques for Successful Fly Tying. ISBN: 0-87108-919-X. Order #: PRUE5410 paper$3.95
The Earth is Enough: growing up in a world of fly-fishing, trout, and old men. ISBN: 0-87108-874-6. Order #: PRUE5448 paper$18.00
Fast-Water Nymphing Techniques. ISBN: 0-87108-933-5. Order #: PRUE1110 paper$18.95
A Fly Fisher's Guide to the South Platte River. ISBN: 978-0-87108-951-9. Order #: PRUE5405 paper$39.95
Fly Fishing Southern Colorado. ISBN: 978-0-87108-946-5. Order #: PRUE5411 paper$20.00
Introduction to Salt Water Fly Tying. ISBN: 0-87108-931-9. Order #: PRUE5412 cloth$34.95
Mountain Water: the way of the high-country angler. ISBN: 0-87108-896-7.
Order #: PRUE5414 paper$18.95
The Never-ending Stream: a tribute to fly-tying form and function. ISBN: 978-0-87108-945-8. Order #: PRUE3988 paper$39.95
On the Spine of Time: a flyfisher's journey among mountain people, streams, & trout. ISBN: 978-0-87108-892-4. Order #: PRUE5416 paper$18.00
Production Fly Tying. ISBN: 0-87108-929-7. Order #: PRUE5415 paper$39.95
Trout Bum: 20th anniversary edition. ISBN: 0-87108-944-0. Order #: PRUE5417 cloth$29.95

Pruett Publishing: Backpacking
Go Backpacking. ISBN: 0-87108-926-6.
Order #: PRUE5468 paper$18.95

Pruett Publishing: Colorado
A Colorado History. ISBN: 0-87108-942-4.
Order #: PRUE5420 paper$29.95
Boulder Hiking Trails: the best of the plains, foothills, and mountains. ISBN: 0-87108-940-8.
Order #: PRUE5422 paper$24.95
Breaking Through the Clouds. ISBN: 0-87108-934-3.
Order #: PRUE1109 paper$18.95
Colorado's Colorful Characters. ISBN: 0-87108-595-X.
Order #: PRUE5424 paper$11.95
Colorado's Hot Springs. ISBN: 0-87108-908-4. 
Order #: PRUE5425 paper$16.95
Colorado Mountain Companion: a
potpourri of useful miscellany from the highest parts of the highest state. ISBN: 978-0-87108-960-1. Order #: PRUE5453 paper$29.95
GPS Waypoints of Colorado's Fourteeners. ISBN: 0-87108-914-9. Order #: PRUE5433 paper$12.95
Grand Junction Hiking Guide. ISBN: 0-87108-925-4.
Order #: PRUE5434 paper$18.95
Hikes Around Fort Collins: a trail guide. ISBN: 0-87108-952-1.
Order #: PRUE1542 paper$18.95
Hiking Trails of Southwestern Colorado. ISBN: 0-87108-939-4. Order #: PRUE1544 paper$24.95
Leadville: Colorado's magic city. ISBN: 0-87108-665-4. Order #: PRUE1545 paper$27.00
Mansions of Denver. ISBN: 0-87108-937-8.
Order #: PRUE 5437 paper$24.95
The Mantle Ranch: a family's joys and sorrows in the beautiful, remote Yampa River canyon. ISBN: 0-87108-350-7. Order #: PRUE1546 paper$24.95
San Juan Adventure Guide: a guide to hiking, biking, and skiing in southwestern Colorado. ISBN: 0-87108-909-2.
Order #: PRUE5444 paper$25.00
Telluride Trails: a pocket guide. ISBN: 0-87108-938-6.
Order #: PRUE5446 paper$19.95
Twilight Dwellers: ghosts, gases, & goblins of Colorado. ISBN: 978-0-87108-954-0. Order #: PRUE5418 paper$16.95
Wild Boulder County: a seasonal guide to the natural world. ISBN: 978-0-87108-948-9. Order #: PRUE2015 paper$27.95

Pruett Publishing: Rocky Mountains
Animals of the Mountain West region: endangered wildlife series. ISBN: 978-0-87108-956-4. Order #: PRUE3932 paper$3.95
Coastal Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. ISBN: 0-87842-291-9. Order #: PRUE1196 paper$14.00
Color the Western Birds: discover the great outdoors. ISBN: 978-0-87108-957-1. Order #: PRUE3933 paper$3.95
Color the Wild Rockies. ISBN: 978-0-87108-301-9. Order #: PRUE4617 paper$3.95
Color the Wildflowers of the Rockies. ISBN: 978-0-87108-302-7. Order #: PRUE4622 paper$3.95
Day Hikes with Dogs--western Montana. ISBN: 978-0-87108-961-8. Order #: PRUE5465 paper$18.95

Montana Disasters: fires, floods, and other catastrophes. ISBN: 978-0-87108-955-7. Order #: PRUE5457 paper$18.95
The Mountain Pine Beetle: tiny but mighty. ISBN: 978-10-87108-958-8. Order #: PRUE5443 paper$14.95
Rocky Mountain Christmas: Yuletide stories of the West. ISBN: 0-87108-906-8. Order #: PRUE5459 paper$14.95
Something in the Wind: spirits, spooks, and sprites of the San Juan. ISBN:  0-87108-913-0.
Order #: PRUE5460 paper$18.95
Tomboy Bride: a woman's personal account of life in mining camps of the West. ISBN: 0-87108-512-7.
Order #: PRUE5461 paper$16.95

Pruett Publishing: Other
Animals of Africa: endangered wildlife series. ISBN: 978-0-87108-953-3. Order #: PRUE3780 paper$3.95
Animals of Alaska: endangered wildlife series. ISBN:
978-0-87108-963-2. Order #: PRUE5447 paper$3.95
Obit: inspiring stories of ordinary people who led extraordinary lives. ISBN: 0-87108-943-2. Order #: PRUE5449 paper$24.95
Tucson Hiking Guide. ISBN: 0-87108-935-1. Order #: PRUE5464 paper$16.95

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