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VistaBooks Publishing titles list--by alphabet, with ISBNs and prices + links to descriptions

VistaBooks Publishing titles by theme:

  • Northwest, Alaska--mountaineering history climbing Mount Baker, John Muir reprints on Stickeen and Glacier Bay.
  • Hawaii--tales of old times by old timers.
  • California & Nevada--Lake Tahoe & Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, coastal, desert, south, Virginia City.
  • Yosemite--discovery, geology, story behind the scenery
  • Yellowstone & Grand Teton--ascent of Grand Teton, John Muir reprint on Yellowstone features.
  • Colorado--ghost towns, early railroads, mining days, Denver history.
  • Southwest--Arizona & New Mexico.
  • Central U.S./Civil War--St. Louis history, Mammoth Caves, Hot Springs.
  • Native American & Rock Art--Southern Ute Indians of Colorado, pictographs & petroglyphs in North America.
  • John Muir--reprints of some of his most enduring and entertaining nature stories.
  • Western Americana--emigrants, Pony Express, gunfighters, Indian wars.
  • national parks--a cookbook and an early ranger book.
  • railroads, Wright Brothers--transcontinental rail history, airplane invention.
  • maritime--lighthouses, lifesavers, whaling; including all U.S. coasts.
  • Cobweb Corner--used/out-of-print/rare books at VistaBooks Distributing.
  • Scuffed Specials--slightly damaged book bargains of 50 to 70% off--for resellers, individuals, and libraries at VistaBooks Distributing.

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