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 Custer's Last Battle, 1876

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Custer's Last Battle, 1876 Temporarily out of print.
by E. S. Godfrey, Captain, 7th Cavalry (one of Custer's troop commanders), with comments by General James B. Fry.

Godfrey and his cavalrymen had taken position on another part of the battleground where Custer and his group were over-run, so he was there on that fateful day, although no-one but the Indians knew exactly what had happened to Custer's group. Yet this is a first-hand account of many of the elements preparatory to the battle and of movements on the field during the fight day. It is objective and generally considered reliable, and is an engrossing account of how this group of soldiers, although harassed badly, managed to avoid annihilation until relief came.

Illustrations are by Frederic Remington and others. 44 pages.

ISBN-10: 0-89646-085-1. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-085-0. Order #: VIST0085 paper$6.95


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