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How we Get Gold in California

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How We Get Gold in California

by William V. Wells, a Miner of the Year '49.

Mining methods in use in California's Mother Lode gold belt early in its history: use of the pan, rocker, long tom, flutter wheel, quicksilver machine, and river "jamming" and "coyoteing". Surveys state's active gold regions--Mariposa, Table Mountain at Sonora, Grass Valley, Chinese Digging, Gold Hill, Mormon Gulch, as well as the north coast. A good history of a dominant industry of the state in its time, and whose relics and remnants dominate the tourist industry that has grown up where the mines were. This story helps explain the marks and machinery that modern-day tourists still see on the hillsides and in the museums of the gold country. And its general principles will help would-be miners, too. Reprinted from "Harper's" for 1860. Illustrations from early sources, including a center spread by Frederic Remington. 24 pages. New edition June 2010; color cover 8.5" x 11"

ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-100-0. Order #: VIST0100 paper$4.95



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