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VistaBooks Titles by subject--
finding ways through the West
lighthouses, lifesavers, whaling; including all U.S. coasts
early ascents in Northwest, Tetons, Sierra Nevada
National Parks--
a cookbook and an early ranger book plus links to books for individual parks
Native American/Rock Art--
Southern Ute Indians of Colorado, pictographs & petroglyphs in North America, Custer battle.
wild sheep, water ouzel, buffalo, among the animals and plants of Yosemite
transcontinental rail history
Western Americana--
emigrants, explorers, gunfighters, Indian wars.
Thomas Moran--
books having illustrations by Moran
John Muir--
reprints of some of his most enduring and entertaining nature stories
John Wesley Powell--
first down the Colorado River from Wyoming through the Grand Canyon of Arizona.
Frederic Remington--
books having illustrations by Remington
Mark Twain---
books by Samuel Clemens, "Mark Twain"
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VistaBooks Titles by region--
Lake Tahoe & Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, coastal, desert, Virginia City.
Central U.S.--
St. Louis history, Mammoth Caves, Hot Springs.

ghost towns, early railroads, mining days, Denver history.

tales of old times by old timers and by Mark Twain.

Lake Tahoe--
the lake, lake history, last grizzly bear, Virginia City, Donner emigrants

New England Coast--
early travelers on the north Atlantic Coast
Alaska/Northwest--mountaineering history climbing Mount Baker, John Muir reprint on Glacier Bay.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon--
mountaineering by Clarence King and nature by John Muir

by an early Arizona traveler.
Yellowstone/Grand Teton--
ascent of Grand Teton, John Muir reprint on Yellowstone features.
Yosemite--discovery, geology, story behind the scenery
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Cobweb Corner--
used/out-of-print/rare books
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Distributed Titles
Selected titles from other publishers
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10-cent books

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