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  Books on the outdoors and American history--
many written by those who lived it--
sold in national and state parks, museums, gift shops, bookstores
--with 334,800 copies in circulation.

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above: left to right:
   Theodore Roosevelt (rancher), Bat Masterson (sheriff), Virginia Murphy (emigrant), Patrick Breen (Donner Party diarist), John Wesley Powell (Colorado River explorer),
   Nathaniel Langford (Teton climber), Mark Twain (humorist), Lafayette Bunnell (Yosemite discoverer)
below: left to right:

   Frederic Remington (artist), Buffalo Bill (showman), Wild Bill (gunfighter),
Horace Albright (ranger), Clarence King (mountaineer),
   Thomas Moran (artist), John Muir (naturalist)
James Hutchings (big trees)

Frederic Remington

Find titles of our authors' stories on emigrants; exploration and mountaineering in Sierra Nevada, Tetons, Colorado River, and the Northwest;
discovery of Yosemite and Glacier Bay; frontier towns; gunfighters, early national parks; nature adventures; Native Americans; Indian wars;
Nevada and Hawaii as territories; lighthouses and lifesavers

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Sample illustrations from VistaBooks titles:

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