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 California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja
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California: north coast-side & Sacramento Valley: (Monterey, San Francisco, Sacramento Valley & north)
California: northern Sierra: (Lake Tahoe and north of Yosemite to Oregon)
California: southern Sierra (go to for national parks: Yosemite/Sequoia/Kings Canyon
California: east of Sierra crest and desert 
California: south coast-side/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja --this page
California: statewide

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K. C. Publications California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books:
Cabrillo: the story behind the scenery. ISBN: 978-0-88714-217-8. Order #: KCPU8102 paper$11.95
(National Park Service cooperating associations: order title above from K. C. Publications--others order from VistaBooks Distributing.)
Santa Catalina Island: the story behind the scenery. ISBN: 978-0-916122-97-3. Order #: KCPU8116 paper$11.95
(National Park Service cooperating associations: order title above from K. C. Publications--others order from VistaBooks Distributing.)

Mixed Publishers California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books:
Beautiful America's San Diego--paper. ISBN: 0-89802-740-3. Order #: BEAM2552 paper$14.95
Beautiful America's San Diego--cloth. ISBN: 0-89802-741-1. Order #: BEAM2571 cloth$21.95
East of the Gabilans. 194 pages. ISBN: 0-934136-11-4. Order #: GRWE paper$14.95  
Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains. 160 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-12-6. Order #: GRWE paper$14.95
Palos Verdes Peninsula: time and the terraced land. 164 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-17-7Order #: GRWE paper$15.95 
San Diego Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-59152-275-2. Order #: FARC5419 paper$9.95
Traveler's Guide to Camping Mexico's Baja. ISBN: 978-0-97494718-1. Order #: ROHO8667 paper$16.95
Who Pooped in the Zoo? San Diego Zoo. ISBN: 978-1-56037-421-3. Order #: FARC3097 paper$14.95
A Wild Coast and Lonely: Big Sur pioneers. ISBN:0-933174-83-7. Order #: WIWO2301 paper$9.95

Heyday Books California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books:
All the Saints of the City of the Angels: seeking the soul of L. A. on its streets. ISBN: 978-1-59714-075-1. Order #: HEYD8673 paper$35.00
Backyard Birds of the Inland Empire. Order #: HEYD8259 paper$14.95
Bloodvine: a novel. Riveting family drama plays out in the San Joaquin Valley. ISBN: 978-1-890774-98-0. Order #: HEYD8684
Chumash Ethnobotany: plant knowledge among the Chumash people of Southern California. Jan Timbrook, with botanical watercolors by Chris Chapman. 272 pages (6 x 9), with illustrations throughout. Plant knowledge and use by the Chumash Indians of Southern California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-048-5. Order #: HEYD2946 paper$27.95
A Coast to Explore: coastal geology and ecology of Central California. ISBN: 978-0-9816618-1-0. Order #: HEYD8267 paper$29.95
Dream Songs and Ceremony: reflections on traditional California Indian dance. Frank LaPena. With 16 full-color plates. A Great Valley Book. This collection of paintings by acclaimed artist Frank LaPena draws upon the symbols of California Indian dances—sacred events that cannot be photographed or videotaped. Himself a Nomtipom Wintu dancer, singer, and ceremonial leader, LaPena complements his vibrant paintings and poetry with an introduction and commentary. ISBN: 1-890771-79-1. Order #: HEYD2893 cloth$25.00
Flora of the Santa Ana River and Environs With References to World Botany. ISBN: 978-1-59714-050-8. #HEDY2926 paper$29.95
Gunfight at Mussel Slough: evolution of a Western myth. Edited by Terry Beers. On May 11, 1880 at Henry Brewer’s homestead in the southern San Joaquin Valley district of Mussel Slough, seven men lost their lives during one of the deadliest shootouts in the history of the American West. ISBN: 1-890771-82-1. Order #: HEYD2896 paper$19.95
Haslam's Valley; stories and essays from the champion of the "other" California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-018-8.  Order #: HEYD8722 paper$18.95
Heirlooms: letters from a peach farmer. David Mas Masumoto, Illustrations by Doug Hansen. Earthy wisdom from America’s favorite organic farmer. ISBN: 978-1-59714-064-5. Order #: HEYD2889 cloth$21.95
Indian Summer: traditional life among the Choinumne Indians of California's San Joaquin Valley. Thomas Jefferson Mayfield, Introduction by Malcolm Margolin. An eye-witness account of the nearly lost and unspeakably beautiful world of the Choinumne Yukots and the valley in which they lived. ISBN: 1-59714-035-x. Order #: HEYD2894 paper$13.95
Inlandia: a literary journey through California's Inland Empire. ISBN: 978-59714-037-9. Order #: HEYD8730 paper$18.95
John Steinbeck. ISBN:1-890771-61-0. Order #: HEYD2964 paper$9.95
Letters to the Valley: a harvest of memories. ISBN: 978-1-59714-038-6. Order #: HEYD8736 paper$14.95
Magpies and Mayflies: An Introduction to Plants and Animals of the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills. Derek Madden, Ken Charters, and Cathy Snyder. A Great Valley Book. Follow biologist Derek Madden as he explores some of California’s most diverse ecosystems. ISBN: 1-59714-003-1. Order #: HEYD2891 paper$16.95
Picturing California's Other Landscape: the great Central Valley. ISBN: 1-890771-25-2. Order #: HEYD2983 paper$35.00
Take Me to the River: fishing, swimming, and dreaming on the San Joaquin. ISBN: 978-1-59714-143-7. Order #: HEYD8797 paper$21.95

Mountain Press California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books
The Charcoal Forest: how fire helps animals & plants. ISBN: 0-87842-532-2. Order #: MOPR1241 paper$12.00
Finding Fault in California: An Earthquake Tourist's Guide. ISBN: 0-87842-495-4. 272Order #: MOPR1126 paper
Geology Underfoot in Southern California.  ISBN: 0-87842-289-7. 232 pages. Order #: MOPR9635 paper$14.00
An Introduction to Southern California Birds. ISBN 0-87842-233-1. Order #: MOPR1183 paper$14.00
An Introduction to Southern California Butterflies. ISBN: 0-87842-475-X. Order #: MOPR1176 paper$22.00
Roadside Plants of Southern California. ISBN: 0-87842-158-0. Order #: MOPR1200 paper$15.00

Nature Study Guild finders California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books
Pacific Coast Berry Finder: a pocket manual for identifying native plants with fleshy fruits. ISBN: 978-0-912550-02-2. Order #: NASG0982 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Bird Finder: a pocket guide to some frequently seen birds. ISBN: 978-0-912550-04-6. Order #: NASG0980 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Fern Finder.  ISBN: 978-0-912550-13-8. Order #: NASG0989 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Fish: a guide to marine fish of the Pacific Coast of North America. ISBN: 978-0-912550-19-0. Order #: NASG5065 paper$5.75
Pacific Intertidal Life: a guide to organisms of rocky reefs and tide pools of the Pacific Coast. ISBN: 978-0-912550-10-7. Order #: NASG0985 paper$4.95
Pacific Coast Mammals: a guide to mammals of the Pacific Coast states, Their Tracks, Skulls, and Other Signs. ISBN: 978-0-912550-16-9  Order #: NASG3496  paper$5.95
Pacific Coast Tree Finder: a pocket manual for identifying Pacific Coast trees. ISBN: 978-0-912550-27-5. Order #: NASG0979 paper$4.95

Naturegraph Publishers California: south coastal/San Joaquin Valley/Los Angeles/Baja books
The California Chaparral. ISBN: 978-0-87961-002-9. Order #: NATG6328 paper$8.95
The Californian Wildlife Region. ISBN: 978-0-87961-201-6. Order #: NATG2023 paper$14.95
Exploring Pacific Coast Tide Pools  ISBN: 978-0-87961-217-7. Order #: NATG3665 paper$10.95
Fieldbook of Pacific Northwest Sea Creatures. ISBN: 0-87961-068-9. Order #: NATG1971 paper$12.95
Native Americans of the Pacific Coast. ISBN: 978-0-87961-135-4. Order #: NATG2100 paper$16.95
Nautilus--a game of sea shells--card game. ISBN: 0-87961-N0ISBN.  Order #: NATG2083 paper$8.95
Oaks of North America. ISBN: 978-0-87961-137-8. Order #: NATG0934  paper$14.95
Pacific Coastal Wildlife ISBN: 978-0-87961-264-9. Order #: NATG2026 paper$12.95
Salinan Indians of California. ISBN: 978-0-87961-022-7. Order #: NATG2107 paper$8.95
Sea Vegetables: harvesting guide and cookbook. ISBN: 98-0-87961-151-4. Order #: NATG1979 paper$9.95
Yokuts and Paiute Songs and Culture. ISBN: 978-0-87961-274-0. Order #: NATG2787 paper$15.9

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