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 Great Plains: KS/MO/IA/w KY/w TN
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VistaBooks Publishing Great Plains books:
Across the Plains in the Donner Party: a personal narrative of the overland trip to California, 1846-47. ISBN: 978-0-89646-099-7. Order #: VIST0099 paper$7.95
Famous Gunfighters of the Western Frontier. ISBN: 978-0-89646-087-4.  Order #: VIST0087 paper$6.95  
The Life and Wonderful Adventures of Wild Bill (J. B. Hickock). ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-013-3. Order #: VIST0013 paper$4.95
One Hundred Miles in Mammoth Cave--in 1880ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-054-6. Order #: VIST0054 paper$3.95
The Pony Express: a thrilling and truthful history. ISBN: 978-0-89646-062-1. Order #: VIST0062 paper$5.95
Saint Louis in 1884: "the future great city of the world." ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-024-9. Order #: VIST0024 paper$3.95

K. C. Publications Great Plains books:
Mammoth Cave: the story behind the scenery. ISBN: 978-0-88714-050-1. Order #: KCPU8034 paper$11.95
(National Park Service cooperating associations: order title above from K. C. Publications--others order from VistaBooks Distributing.)

Mixed Publishers Great Plains books:
Geology of the Great Plains: investigate how the Earth was formed--cloth. ages 9-12. ISBN: 978-1-93631386-0. Order #: NOMA8629 cloth$21.95Temporarily unavailable
Geology of the Great Plains: investigate how the Earth was formed--paper. ages 9-12. ISBN: 978-1-93631383-9. Order #: NOMA8630 paper$15.95Temporarily unavailable
The Great Plains: a wilderness habitat discovery book. by Robert Bullock. ISBN: 978-0-943972-10-7. Order #: HOME3865 paper$2.95
Tennessee Trout Waters: blue-ribbon fly fishing guide. ISBN: 978-1-57188-294-3. Order #: FRAM3746 paper$22.00

American Traveler Press Great Plains books:
People of the Old Missury: years of conflict.  ISBN: 1-55838-105-8. Order #: AMTR7617 paper$29.95
People of the Moonshell: a western river journal.  ISBN: 0-939650-42-8. Order #: AMTR7618 paper$18.95
People of the Troubled Water: a Missouri River journal--paper. ISBN: 1-55838-083-3. Order #: AMTR7616 paper$15.95
People of the Troubled Water: a Missouri River journal--cloth. ISBN: 1-55838-082-5. Order #: AMTR3848 cloth$24.95

Farcountry Press Great Plains Books:
Iowa Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-215-8. Order #: FARC2557 paper$12.95
Iowa Simply Beautiful. ISBN: 978-1-56037-160-1. Order #: FARC7381 cloth$32.95
Iowa Simply Beautiful, II. ISBN: 978-1-56037-270-7. Order #: FARC7382 cloth$29.95
On the Skirmish Line Behind a Friendly Tree: the Civil War Memoirs of William Royal Oake, 26th Iowa Volunteers--paper. ISBN: 1-56037-376-8. Order #: FARC6594 paper$19.95
Kansas Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-392-6. Order #: FARC2571 paper$9.95
Kansas Simply Beautiful. ISBN: 978-1-56037-186-1. Order #: FARC7383 cloth$29.95
Kentucky Impressions.  ISBN: 978-1-56037-282-0. Order #: FARC2573 paper$12.95
Kentucky Simply Beautiful. ISBN: 978-1-56037395-7. Order #: FARC7384 cloth$29.95
Memphis Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-427-5. Order #: FARC2592 paper$12.95
Missouri Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-475-6.  Order #: FARC3020 paper$9.95
Nashville Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-427-5. Order #: FARC2624 paper$9.95
Ozarks (The). ISBN: 978-1-56037-369-8. Order #: FARC7457 paper$9.95
St. Louis Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-399-5. Order #: FARC5451 paper$9.95
Tennessee Impressions. ISBN: 978-1-56037-426-8. Order #: FARC5455 paper$9.95
Tennessee Simply Beautiful. ISBN: 978-1-56037-359-9. Order #: FARC7477 cloth$29.95

Nature Study Guild Great Plains finders:
Berry Finder: a guide to native plants with fleshy fruits for eastern North America. ISBN: 978-0-912550-22-0. Order #: NASG1000 paper$4.95
Bird Finder: a guide to common birds of eastern North America. ISBN: 978-0-912550-18-3. Order #: NASG6004 paper$4.95
Fern Finder: a guide to native ferns of central and northeastern United States and eastern Canada. ISBN: 978-0-912550-24-4. Order #: NASG0999 paper$4.95
Flower Finder: a guide to identification of spring wildflowers and flower families (eastern U.S.)  ISBN: 978-0-912550-00-8. Order #: NASG1001 paper$4.95
Track Finder (eastern U.S.)  . ISBN: 978-0-912550-12-1. Order #: NASG0998 paper$4.95
Tree Finder (eastern U.S.) ISBN: 978-0-912550-01-5. Order #: NASG5305 paper$4.95
Winter Tree Finder: a manual for identifying deciduous trees in winter (eastern U.S.). ISBN: 978-0-912550-03-9. Order #: NASG0995 paper$4.95
Winter Weed Finder: a guide to dry plants in winter (eastern U.S.) . ISBN: 978-0-912550-17-6. Order #: NASG5407 paper$4.95

Naturegraph Publishers Great Plains Books:
Animals of the Western Rangelands. ISBN: 0-87961-163-4. Order #: NATG2074 paper$9.95
Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. ISBN: 978-0-87961-242-9. Order #: NATG2119  paper$9.95
Turtle Going Nowhere in the Plenty of Time. ISBN: 978-0-87961-244-3. Order #: NATG2103 paper$7.950

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