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Mixed Publishers people/family/religion/health books:
The Cattle King: the biography of Henry Miller. 396 pages. ISBN: 0-944220-20-7. Order #: GRWE2036 paper$16.95
The Greening of Protestant Thought. ISBN: 978-0-8078-4517-2. Order #: UNNC2270 paper$27.50
Letters from Madelyn: chronicles of a caregiver. ISBN: 0-89802-777-2. Order #: BEAM2637 paper$14.95
This Life I've Loved: an autobiography (by stepdaughter of Robert Louis Stevenson). ISBN: 0-944220-18-5. Order #: GRWE2488 paper$18.95
Working for Wages: on the road in the fifties. ISBN: 0-944220-15-0. Order #: GRWE2033 paper$15.95

American Traveler Press people/family/religion/health books:
Adventures in Friendship. ISBN: 1-55838-081-7. Order #: AMTR3800 $14.95
Adventures in Solitude. ISBN:1-55838-111-2. Order #: AMTR3801 $14.95
Adventures in Understanding. ISBN: 1-55838-110-4. Order #: AMTR3803 $14.95
A Country Journal. ISBN: 1-55838-113-9. Order #: AMTR3805 $9.95
A Day of Pleasant Bread: the story of a country Christmas. ISBN: 1-55838-098-1. Order #: AMTR3806 $5.95
The Friendly Road. ISBN: 1-55838-115-5. Order #: AMTR3829 $14.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: a celebration of small joys. ISBN: 1-55838-159-7. Order #: AMTR3839 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: a gift of friendship. ISBN: 1-55838-156-2. Order #: AMTR3841 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: in search of the simple life. ISBN: 1-55838-158-9. Order #: AMTR3838 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: the gentle art of living slowly. ISBN: 1-55838-157-0. Order #: AMTR3842 $5.95
Near the Greats. ISBN: 0-939650-31-2. Order #: AMTR3843 $12.95
No Time for Fear: voices of American military nurses in World War II. ISBN: 0-87013-416-7. Order #: AMTR3844 $24.95
Screw the GoldenYears: I'd rather live in the past (volume 1). ISBN: 0-9628329-4-4. #AMTR7629 paper$6.95
Screw the GoldenYears: oh the joys of growing old (volume 2). ISBN: 1-891139-00-2. #AMTR7628 paper$6.95
The Valley 101 Bobblehead. ISBN: 0-935810-76-5. Order #: AMTR3853 $14.95
The Valley 101 Great Big Book of Life. ISBN: 0-935810-73-0. Order #: AMTR3854 $14.95

Farcountry Press people/family/religion/health books:
Bedside Book of Bad Girls. Richard Nowitz. ISBN: 978-1-56037-462-6. Order #: FARC3120 paper$14.95
Charles Fritz. ISBN: 978-1-56037-489-3. Order #: FARC7021 limited cloth$150.00
Charles Fritz. ISBN: 978-1-56037-446-6. Order #: FARC7005 cloth$34.95
Cromwell Dixon: a boy and his plane. ISBN: 978-1-56037-473-2. Order #: FARC3136 paper$14.95
First Dog: unleashed in the Montana capitol. ISBN: 978-1-56037-419-0.Order #: FARC3140 paper$17.95
First Dog: unleashed in the Montana capitol. ISBN: 978-1-56037-425-1.Order #: FARC3140 cloth$17.95
House of Bair (The)--paper.  ISBN: 978-1-59152-067-2. Order #: FARC7378 paper$18.95
House of Bair (The)--cloth.  ISBN: 978-1-59152-068-9. Order #: FARC7379 cloth$24.95
Old Lonesome (The) . ISBN: 978-1-59152-030-6. Order #: FARC3188 paper$14.00
Original Man (The): the life and work of Montana architect A. J. Gibson--paper. ISBN: 978-0-9815760-0-8. Order #: FARC7455 paper$35.00
Original Man (The): the life and work of Montana architect A. J. Gibson--cloth. ISBN: 978-0-9815760-1-5. Order #: FARC7456 cloth$75.00
Shouting at the Sky: troubled teens and the promise of the wild. ISBN: 978-1-59152-061-0. Order #: FARC7475 paper$15.00
An Uncommon Journey--paper. ISBN: 978-1-59152-056-6. Order #: FARC7483 paper$24.95
An Uncommon Journey--cloth. ISBN: 978-1-59152-057-3. Order #: FARC7484 cloth$34.95

Heyday Books people/family/religion/health books:
Entangled: a chronicle of late love. ISBN: 978-1-59714-152-9. Order #: HEYD8704 paper$14.95
Everyday Dogs: a perpetual calendar for birthdays and other notable dates. ISBN: 978-1-59714-159-8. Order #: HEYD spiral$14.95
Farmworker's Daughter: growing Up Mexican in America. ISBN: 978-1-59714-034-8. Order #: HEYD8708 paper TOS
Fast Cars and Frybread: reports from the Rez. ISBN: 978-1-59714-066-9. Order #: HEYD8709 paper$12.95
Giving with Confidence. ISBN: 978-1-59714-204-5. Order #: HEYD8755 cloth$ NYP
Grassroots Philanthropy: field notes of a maverick grantmaker. ISBN: 978-1-59714-085-0. Order #: HEYD8718 paper$18.95
How To Keep Your Language Alive.
Leanne Hinton, with Matt Vera and Nancy Steele. A manual for students of all languages, from Yurok to Yiddish, Washoe to Welsh.
ISBN: 1-890771-42-2. Order #: HEYD2942 paper$17.95.
Jewish Life in the American West. Edited by Ava F. Kahn. In this multifaceted volume of art and essays, narrow stereotypes of westerners and immigrants give way before an exploration of Jewish community-building in the West. Here is a world that few people know—a world of Jewish cowboys, pioneers in covered wagons, gold miners, frontier politicians, and suffragettes. ISBN: 1-890771-77-5. Order #: HEYD2970 paper$22.50
Kodoku: an unforgettable journey. ISBN: 978-1-59714-173-4. Order #: HEYD8735 cloth$16.95
Married at Fourteen: a true story. ISBN: 978-1-59714-198-7. Order #: HEYD8738 paper$16.95
Masha' allah and other stories--cloth. ISBN: 978-1-59714-212-0. Order #: HEYD8739 cloth$ NYP--Nov 2012
Masha' allah and other stories--paper. ISBN: 978-1-59714-203-8. Order #: HEYD8744 paper$ NYP--Nov 2012
Merton of the Movies; an indictment of Hollywood and the fans who create it. ISBN: 978-1-890771-96-6. Order #: HEYD8744 paper$14.95

Homestead Publishing people/family/religion/health books:
Diary of a Female Voyeur. Cal Glover. ISBN: 978-0-943972-77-0. Order #: HOME3862 paper$14.95
Losing Solitude. novel. by Martin Murie. ISBN: 978-0-943972-34-.3. Order #: HOME3875 paper$10.50
Never Too Late for Love--paper. Warren Adler. Fifteen stories of life in a retirement community embody the full range of human emotions and passions of love, sex, joy, comedy, and tragedy. The aging process is explored with great insight, tenderness, and, above all, hope. ISBN: 978-0-943972-45-9. Order #: HOME3984 paper$14.95
Never Too Late for Love--cloth. ISBN: 978-0-943972-44-2. Order #: HOME3878 cloth$22.95

Naturegraph Publishers religion titles (including Native American) books:
Adventures of Dawn-breaker. ISBN: 978-087961-179-8. Order #: NATG6326 paper$8.95
The Bible Revisited. ISBN: 978-087961-215-3. Order #: NATG6327 paper$8.95
Created Rich. ISBN: 978-087961-241-2. Order #: NATG6329 paper$9.95
Dawning Points of God. ISBN: 0-87961-272-X. Order #: NATG6330 paper$5.95
Gospel of the Redman. ISBN: 978-0-8395-3574-4. Order #: NATG2229 paper$6.95
Lord of the Dawn. ISBN: 978-0-87961-240-5. Order #: NATG2102 paper$12.95
Not Every Sea Hath Pearls. ISBN: 978-087961-165-1. Order #: NATG6331 paper$8.95
Preparing for Christ's New Name. Order #: NATG6333 paper$4.95
Strange Journey.  ISBN: 978-0-87961-207-8. Order #: NATG2118 paper$8.95
Top of the Hill. ISBN: 978-0-87961-183-5. Order #: NATG9703 paper$4.95
Tracking the Glorious Lord. ISBN: 978-0-8022-2519-1. Order #: NATG6334 paper$8.95
Voices of Earth and Sky. ISBN: 978-087961-060-9. Order #: NATG6335 paper$10.95
Warriors of the Rainbow. ISBN: 978-0-911010-24-4. Order #: NATG2098 paper$12.95

Pictorial Histories Publishing people/family/religion/health books:
Finding the Bad Inn: discovering my family's hidden past.  ISBN: 978-1-57510-150-7. Order #: PIHI7737 cloth$25.00
One Night at a Bad Inn: a true story. ISBN: 978-1-57510-142-2. Order #: PIHI1519 paper$19.95
The Years and the Wind and the Rain: a biography of Dorothy Johnson. ISBN: 0-933126-50-6. Order #: PIHI1612 cloth$12.95

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