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VistaBooks Publishing & Distributing, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498-8927.  Phone/Fax: 970/468-7673  email 
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since 1972

Who we are/What we do

 VistaBooks Publishing  publishes on the outdoors and American history.
 VistaBooks Distributing  distributes VistaBooks Publishing titles and related titles from other publishers to resellers.
 XploreAmerica.US distributes these titles to schools, libraries, and individuals.
VistaBooks Outlet offers discounted titles on the same topics, available to all.

 VistaBooks Publishing  is thus the core of our program, with the other elements augmenting it. VistaBooks Publishing has as its focus presenting  participant-observer accounts of historic events that occurred at particular sites, often now national and state parks and historic monuments. Readers can thus relive contemporary, often first-hand experiences rather than read historians' reconstructions, 'though update inserts are often added to give current context

Learn what happened, for instance, at Custer's last battle from an officer on the scene who dodged arrows that day on another part of the field. Experience the snowbound tragedy of the Donner party. Read Mark Twain's humorous account of mining-boom days at Virginia City, Nevada Territory. Get tours of Montauk Point on Long Island, Sequoia, Yellowstone, and Yosemite by travel writers of early days including John Muir and Clarence King. Have Bat Masterson tell you about famous western gunfighters. Understand from the Wright Brothers themselves how they came to invent their flying machine. Have Teddy Roosevelt tell how to ranch in the far west, before he became America's president. And there is a national park cookbook, early ranger history by a national park director, and Indian rock art, as well as maritime tales of whaling and lighthouses and life-saving service, some 70 in all. Each book is well illustrated, some by Thomas Moran or Frederic Remington.

Before, most of these titles have been mainly available only at the historic sites themselves. Now you can have them sent to you. Order by sending us an e-mail message. Or, print the resellers' order form and fax or mail it to us. (Individuals, libraries, schools--see XploreaAmerica.US for ordering.)

We have also done a trail guide on Yosemite National Park and a climbing guide to the Donner/Lake Tahoe area, both now out of print.

We are about the smallest company you'll ever find doing what we do. VistaBooks has been operating in Colorado continuously since 1979 (at Evergreen, Lakewood, and Grand Junction) and in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County at Silverthorne since 1990 . We have also operated in California and Nevada, and an earlier name used was Outbooks; some of our imprints still carry that name. We have also been known as National Park Publications, thus tracing our origins back to 1972, over 45 years ago. There have been stints working as a ranger or naturalist in national parks and as a planner in park master planning. There has also been some free-lance magazine article writing in the past, and work as a royalty author with other publishers, and even time spent as a professional ski instructor (see the site SkiMyBest: exits). This background leads us toward our projects.

Oh, and we also distribute related titles--with access to well over 100,000--from dozens of other publishers. VistaBooks Distributing supplies these to state and national parks as well as museums, visitor centers, and bookstores all across America. Although we are located in Colorado, we are national in scope even though otherwise a small company.

Thanks for looking at us. We hope to hear from you.

William R. "Bill" Jones

637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498-8927

The name VistaBooks LLC is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as trademark #2,428,553
 and is also registered as a limited liability company with the Colorado Secretary of State.

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